Feel Powerful!

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look at yourself as powerful

We should all learn to feel powerful. Read on ways to do that… Do you know why it is so important to feel and know how powerful you are?  Because we need to own that in order to complete the mission we set out on to live this life. Feel powerful! Before we were born, we chose to learn certain … Read More

A Zen Path to Expect Good Things Will Happen to You Today

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Do you honestly believe that something good is going to happen to you today?  For many, they only wish that good things will happen to them.  They don’t actually expect good things will happen today.  That is true for most of us, unfortunately. How does that happen?  We are so caught up in defining what we experience in life, based … Read More

6 Reasons You Need Miracle Grids

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Miracle Gird Using Sacred Geometry Healing Talisman

You Can Use Miracle Grids Healing Talisman like crystals or Prayer Requests 6 Reasons: You Can Change Quickly They have step by step instructions on what to do in as little as ½ hour per day for days and weeks. Start your day with positive change. Your Change Can Be Easy Now They contain real life examples to explain how it … Read More

Meditation Is Important

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Science of Miracle Grids Meditation best guided meditation videos

Reasons Why Meditation Is Important Did you ever consider that meditation is important?  It is because it can help you connect to the Divine Intelligence within you. Why is it important to connect to the Divine Intelligence within us?  Because that is our guide to living our life fully and finding fulfillment in our life. Meditation helps us take a … Read More