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Change Your Beliefs Now

At change your beliefs now, my passion is to help those feeling strung out or exhausted with life’s demands to find inner peace again quickly & easily.
Meditation Master  – Let me, Susan Suehr of Change Your Beliefs Now  show you how.
The meditations take you to a theta meditation state in minutes just like Tibetan monks.  Just watch & follow along.     Try this FREE video meditation

Use this  theta state video meditation to travel to a beautiful canyon to lift your feelings to feel accepted and powerful. Click below for instant access

Change Your Beliefs Now is the home of Miracle Grids. Susan has created Meditations, Healing Talisman clearing tools, Mastery series products and Online courses, to help you connect with your inner core of power.  Leading you on a path to know and feel how powerful you are is why I do this.

My mission in life is for you to understand your value, worth, and feel unconditional love. Login with the image above and let us be an inspiring resource for your path of self awareness and personal expansion.

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Change Your Beliefs Now

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Check out some of these powerful spiritual messages from Change Your Beliefs Now.   Let them inspire you.

Let Beauty Give You Hope

“When you have doubts about your world, open your eyes and view the beauty in this life and on this planet. Now you can know that the Divine Presence is here and all is well in the world.  Let Beauty take you there.”

When we create our life experience we use three steps


We experience life and a desire is born
We focus on that desire with feeling
We excitedly act on that desire

The Power of Positive Choice!

We can choose to have more positive life experiences by choosing to give positive meaning to events in our life. The Divine sees our life experiences, as always perfect in each moment.  Choose each day to have a positive joyful life.  Choose to change the meaning of any negative experience to a positive one, by thinking and feeling about what you prefer in the most positive way.

Integrate Your Beliefs For Happiness

There are several levels of consciousness to be aware of when trying to integrate change in our lives.  The Conscious is the thought in our mind.  The subconscious is the feeling or instinct in our heart.  The unconscious is the higher spiritual energy that is known only by searching for it and connecting to it. Change your beliefs now.

Do you want to be Rich, Wealthy and Prosperous?

Here is a perspective that can help you be that person:

You can be whoever you want to be. What you choose to be is what the Laws of the Universe determines what will be attracted to you.  How do rich, wealthy, prosperous people live? They develop and  live on a budget. They have the resources they need, maybe not as much as they would like right in the moment, but they do have what they need. They spend their resources wisely, and give of who they are to those who don’t have as much as them. Some give much of their time and give the best of themselves when they do their work.  Some give a percent of their income.  Rich, prosperous, abundant people trust and know that they will have what they need when they need it.   Many of you already are rich, wealthy, prosperous and abundant and just didn’t realize it. Maybe you can let that belief in so you can experience being rich wealthy and prosperous.  Try trusting that you will have what you need when you need it. Go ahead and give it a try.  You may be amazed at the results.

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