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Change Your Beliefs Now

I invite you to feel good and feel powerful within minutes.

Take this journey with me as I take you to a beautiful canyon for healing and renewing.  Sense feeling fully accepting yourself and power.  Like a Tibetan monk,  this amazing calming video meditation with uplifting theta music, stunning visuals and a soothing voice guide you. Reach a deep theta meditation state of complete relaxation in minutes.

Just watch & follow along.     Try this FREE video meditation. Click below for instant access

Susan of Miracle Grids
Hi, I'm Susan Suehr of Change Your Beliefs Now, formerly a successful Chemical Engineer & stock trader, now Meditation Master & stock trader. Change your beliefs now was created to help spiritual seekers  like you to capture & keep your resolve. Meditation was my secret to success in a world that said no to me.  Keeping my resolve was the engine  to achieving many patents & commercial products while raising a beautiful family. I had it all and still do. Along the way there were many challenges.  Those challenges made me stronger to keep and make new creations.

Do you want to build your life with spiritual harmony?  Are you looking for your path to provide you peace, love and prosperity?  Yes you.  You were meant to have this all.  It is your spiritual right. Having the right attitude is what helps you find your path. 

Change Your Beliefs Now is the home of Miracle Grids. A collection of tools and techniques that will lead you on your path of learning and discovery.  

This web site and products were developed based on my personal experience of learning how to thrive in a world that said no to me.  Rather than take on the "you can't" beliefs, I fought back by being my best and trusting our Creator. Both download and streaming products are available.

What makes Change Your Beliefs Now different than other self help spiritual products?

Multiple tools: Emotions are what stops our progress. Not all emotions resolve using the same tools. One needs multiple paths to help you get to the heart of and resolution of your emotions to move your forward.

Self empowered methods where you are in your self guided matrix of creation. Tools that put you in the drivers seat with your unique discovery and choices. 

Real life examples to help you get started. Using your emotional engine for your benefit involves digging deep to know you better.  You are offered a jump start with practical difficult examples and unique ways to move past those challenges.

  • Relax with Stunning video Meditations to guide you to a positive feeling state in minutes. See here for free examples.
  • Healing Talisman   Helping you increase your vibration state in days using Sacred Geometry Healing Talisman and Self Coaching Tools to expose and change your limiting beliefs to expanding ones. See free example sign up at the bottom of page  here
  • Helping you resolve your emotions in Weeks with Miracle Grids Self Improvement Guides and Supporting Video Meditations.  Mastery Series sets of "feeling better", "love" & "success" contain combo meditations and guides with emotional resolving techniques not provided in main stream. (Available with streaming as well)

Streaming Products

  • Helping You Live Your Life Purpose in 5 weeks with 15 - 30 Minutes Per Day of Your Time - "Discover Your Strengths, Powers & Talents" Online Course.
  • Meditations for different life challenges with our Meditation Club membership
  • Also streaming version of the Mastery Series sets: "feeling better", "love" & "success"
  • Emotional resolving video meditations.

Schedule a Spiritual Healing Session with me for those times when you are stuck and need more personal attention.  Helping you clear blocks and download new strengths in 1/2 to 1 hour.  So you can keep healing your mind, body or spirit with spiritual healing sessions  1/2 hour or 1 hour

miracle grids testimoniesTestimonies:

Since I had been in the throes of a painfully debilitating health problem for several weeks I requested a session for myself.
Our first appointment gave me instant relief and increased mobility, which only improved over time as I reflected upon our discussion. During that session Susan addressed several deeply rooted emotional issues that had quite likely been underlying this and another serious health problem. Susan always gives great care and attention to every detail no matter what she is working on, and our  She asked precise questions and then carefully tailored her work exactly to my responses.
A short time later Susan inquired about my progress which had been impressive, even to my attending doctor.  My condition improves each day and I have been free from pain as a result of my work with Susan.
 Her precise and gifted efforts will convince you that this is one of the true mind-body-spirit healing modalities of the Future.
Anne Richards,  RI
I found it beautifully amazing , that I was carrying Beliefs that no longer work for me or some Beliefs that I didn’t even realize I had. Susan’s brainwave Theta state program is just what I needed to ready myself for the life I truly want to live. Her meditations are uplifting and can guide us to a loving, more understanding and loving life. I hold Susan in the highest regard as a healer and Spiritual Being. Thank you Susan, Joni Rose, FL

 I love Susan Suehr's work and meditations which help connect in a multidimensional way including visual, auditory and to the unconscious mind to bring about real change and healing. It is about resonance and creating the future and healing the past. I enjoyed the master's program but would also check out all the meditations and packages she offers to find one for your specific needs. Susan is a person with a great deal of integrity, compassion and knowledge and I love her work! Anna Maria Wolf, WA

Check these downloadable products as well as streaming products here at Change Your Beliefs Now.  Begin living the fulfilling life that is the highest and best for you.

Browse our downloadable Miracle Grids Download Store to discover which matches your goals. For those who prefer to download on their favorite device and have limited internet connections.

Check out our streaming  Miracle Grids Streaming Store here. All are fun ways to grow and expand your consciousness to help you become the master of your life.  For those who prefer to use the internet & save the precious memory on their devices.

My mission in life is to encourage and remind you of your value, worth, and to feel that unconditional love to keep you going. Login with the image above and let us be an inspiring resource for your path of awakening you  with self awareness and personal spiritual expansion.

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Change Your Beliefs Now

You can change Your beliefs, change Your Life & change Your World.  So why not change your beliefs now!

See Below for Lots of Fun Stuff!!!!


Below are some spiritual beliefs I took on and held that helped me create and stay motivated for a life of fulfillment and fun.  Check out some of these powerful spiritual beliefs I used, now from Change Your Beliefs Now.   Let them inspire you.

Let Beauty Give You Hope

“When you have doubts about your world, open your eyes and view the beauty in this life and on this planet. Now you can know that the Divine Presence is here and all is well in the world.  Let Beauty take you there.”

When we create our life experience we use three steps


We experience life and a desire is born
We focus on that desire with feeling
We excitedly act on that desire

The Power of Positive Choice!

We can choose to have more positive life experiences and move more smoothly through the negative ones. Choose to see some positive meaning to all life events. The Divine sees our life experiences as always perfect in each moment.  Choose each day to see the positive and joyful in your life.  Surrender upward to your soul & Creator, your emotions as well as the strength & weakness in you. Choose to en’joy’ something today.

Integrate Your Beliefs For Happiness

There are several levels of consciousness to be aware of when trying to integrate change in our lives.  The Conscious is the thought in our mind.  The subconscious is the feeling or instinct in our heart.  The super conscious is the higher spiritual energy that is known only by searching for it and connecting to it. Change your beliefs now.

Do you want to be Rich, Wealthy and Prosperous?

Here is a perspective that can help you be that person:

You can be whoever you want to be. What you choose to be is what the Laws of the Universe determines what will be attracted to you.  How do rich, wealthy, prosperous people live? They develop and  live on a budget. They feel gratitude for the resources they do have. They understand their resources may not be as much as they would like right in the moment, but they do have what they need.  They spend their resources wisely, and give of who they are to those who don’t have as much as them. Some give much of their time and give the best of themselves when they do their work.   Rich, prosperous, abundant people trust and know that they will have what they need when they need it.   Many of you already are rich, wealthy, prosperous and abundant and just didn’t realize it. Maybe you can let that belief in so you can experience being rich wealthy and prosperous.  Try trusting that you will have what you need when you need it. Go ahead and give it a try.  You may be amazed at the results.

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