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Do you want to find the and infuse inner peace that lets you gracefully navigate the experiences in your life? 

As our life unfolds each day, we are given the gift of our wonderful emotions.  We can always center ourselves in peace as we navigate the terrain of life we can infuse inner peace within.

So how do we do that when bad things happen?

Well we have been taught to give either positive or negative meaning to our life experiences.

Positive experiences can be defined with a feeling of thankfulness.

We can redefine negative feeling experiences as coming forward to be healed now. We can also redefine them as knowing more clearly what we prefer and start building confidence.

As we give positive meaning, more positive experiences happen to support the positive vibration of our being.

When we give negative meaning, more bad feeling experiences happen in our life experience because of carrying a slow vibration of who we think we are.

Now that is not a guarantee that you will only have positive feeling experiences by giving positive meaning to each experience, because life is about learning higher truths of who we are.

Our highest self may step in and give us experiences to change if we are stagnant in exploring who we are.

Can we infuse inner peace when we experience dark times?

It is possible to weather emotional storms in a state of calm and peacefulness.  You can be at peace while experiencing grief, sadness and other bad feelings.

So how do we do that?

First: Close your eyes and connect with your Divine nature and feel your emotions fully within your body until they dissipate. Then forgive whatever needs to be forgiven.

Second:  Feel all the cells of your body as best you can. Sense you whole body energy.  That is more of the real you. If this is a challenge, hold one of your hands up and feel the energy in it.  Now just allow that feeling of instilling inner peace into all of you.

Third: Slowly open your eyes, keeping that feeling in.  Observe that feeling in you as an observer.

Fourth: As you go about your day, spend a few minutes each hour as possible doing steps 1 through 3.

Fifth: Try to increase the amount of time that you observe the energy within your body as days and weeks go by. Try to move yourself from experiencing life to observing your life this way as you go about your days.

If you forget, just gently start again and let go of any judgments for forgetting.  Release the need to try and just allow it to unfold as life moves on. In time you will find yourself in this lovely state of observing your life as the light of eternal awareness.

Some people find happiness, some calm, some even joy. Most will eventually find a subtle inner peace. Here is a meditation to help you. You can imbue inner peace within.


Meditation Infuse Inner Peace

Welcome to Miracle Grids Meditation Inner Peace.

Listen with ear listening devices for the best experience.  Sit up straight and follow along.

Watch this beautiful place in nature while listening to this uplifting music.

Take in a nice deep deep breath. Hold it.

Now blow it out.

Take in another deep breath. Hold that breath.

Blow that breath out.

Allow your breathing to come to a normal natural rhythm now.

Start to relax yourself. Feel and relax your feet.

Slowly move that relaxation up into your calves.

Let your knees relax.

Feel your thighs; relax them.

Flow that relaxing feeling upward now and into your lower back and tummy.

Now move that soothing comfort into your upper back and chest.

Relax your hands and arms.

Notice your shoulders and neck; relax them.

Gently roll your head from side to side and allow your head to be filled with calm and gentleness.

Notice your face and relax it now.

You are now in a deep state of complete relaxation.

Quiet yourself and allow a gentle stillness to come into your awareness.

Now quiet your mind further as you allow only thoughts of your breath moving in and out.

Feel your heart with its gentle beat.

Notice it beats a loving life force all through you.

Allow yourself to open upward now and gently outward with that loving life force.

Now further out, up and out into the world and further out now out into space.

Your life force moves further out now into the Universe.

Sense a deep connection now with all that is, Divine creation.

Now allow them to make you anew in this now moment.

When you take the moments to be new in each Now moment, you can find an end to suffering and pain.

You create an eternal peace within you.

Remind yourself of the power of choosing newness in each moment.

Each moment offers us a choice of who we want to be.

Feel the energy of choice in your body.

Maybe feel love permeating within you.

Maybe you can feel gratitude pulsating within all of you.

Notice that Divine Intelligence dwells within you.

Start to feel it in as many moments as you can.

Hold up your hand and feel the energy within.

That is Divine Intelligence inside you.

It waits for you to listen in each moment.

Be the real you in this moment.  Feel it in all of you.

Begin to come back now.

Sense the room you are in, the place you are sitting.

You are back now and in your comfortable place.

Let that Divine Intelligence inspire you to take Divine action.

Allow the inner peace to be within as you create a New World in this new moment.

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By Susan Suehr

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