Spiritual Healing – 1 Hour Session


Spiritual Energy Healing Session with Susan Suehr

Do you want to clear blocks that keep you from healing your mind, body or spirit?

Schedule a  1 hour session with Susan where you connect together in a theta brainwave state with permission of your oversoul for clearing subconscious blocks, help reprogram new mind patterns and heal that which you desire to be healed and show you how to do it on your own. This session includes a name analysis for your life mission and an AOScan analysis for the energy in areas of your body.

Receive 3 pdf files explaining details and links to schedule time with Susan and a gift for you.


I’ve known Susan for nearly twenty years. When she recently told me about a new modality she was incorporating into her business, Change Your Beliefs Now/Miracle Grids, I wanted to hear more. She shared a personal anecdote about a healing, then offered her service to a member of my family who is resolving a long-term condition. Since I had been in the throes of a painfully debilitating health problem for several weeks I requested a session for myself.
Our first appointment gave me instant relief and increased mobility, which only improved over time as I reflected upon our discussion. During that session Susan addressed several deeply rooted emotional issues that had quite likely been underlying this and another serious health problem. Susan always gives great care and attention to every detail no matter what she is working on, and our Energy healing  in a theta state session was no exception. She asked precise questions and then carefully tailored her work exactly to my responses. Her background as a scientist and engineer combined in a beautiful synergy with her work as a true spiritual master. 
A short time later Susan inquired about my progress which had been impressive, even to my attending doctor. She suggested that one more session might be in order to see whether outstanding issues needed resolving. My condition improves each day and I have been free from pain as a result of my work with Susan.
If  you are truly ready to allow healing to take place I cannot recommend Susan’s Healing Meditation Video and work enough! Her precise and gifted efforts will convince you that this is one of the true mind-body-spirit healing modalities of the Future.
Anne Richards,  Rhode Island


 I found it beautifully amazing , that I was carrying Beliefs that no longer work for me or some Beliefs that I didn’t even realize I had. Susan’s brainwave Theta state program is just what I needed to ready myself for the life I truly want to live. Her meditations are uplifting and can guide us to a loving, more understanding and loving life. I hold Susan in the highest regard as a healer and Spiritual Being. Thank you Susan, Joni Rose, FL


The Spiritual  Healing Methodology:

First it is important that you know that you are self healing with the guidance of Susan and is also helping by providing energy to support your desired healing or changes. A consent form needs to be signed and emailed to Susan@ChangeYourBeliefsNow.com  before your first healing session. This form will be emailed to you upon purchase. She will use if you permit, a name analysis of your life mission and an AOScan frequency analysis of the energy you carry in your body that is imbalanced. A form is attached to be filled out and emailed to you with the information to do the name analysis and scan.

Susan will connect with you with your permission in a theta brainwave state and you will both do the work together there along with your oversoul.  Your oversoul is similar to being the parent of your soul. Susan connects to her oversoul and has them communicate with your oversoul to insure their permission for what is in your highest and best. The overall goal is to help you learn to self heal by showing you how. Susan will also show you how to discover blocks on your own and how to reprogram new mind patterns within you.

How this process works:

If you permit there is information Susan will ask to be able to do a name analysis and an AOSCAN of the energy in your body.  It is not required, yet will accelerate the healing process that includes your life mission and the energy your body is holding.

Susan will ask you to muscle test (see attachment after purchase) various blocks that may be getting in the way of a healing you desire or blocks stopping you from having your needs and wants met with elegance, ease and grace.

Then Susan will ask you for permission to clear a block and/or download a positive program. You will work on blocks until you reach the core block issue at hand. Sometimes she will take you into hyperspace where you are able to heal the child within and bring balance to your system. All this work is done with permission of your oversoul.

Then, with your permission, Susan will finally do a spiritual energy healing.  She will follow up with affirmations to help you continue the healing.

For purchasing a session with me please receive an additional download – discovering your power.

If you have any questions, you can email Susan: Susan@ChangeYourBeliefsNow.com

Disclaimer     Spiritual Energy Healing is a supportive modality to support any medical or other mental professional health treatments you may be receiving.  Spiritual Energy Healing is not a substitute for any medical or mental health services.  Please refer to your medical or mental health providers for any information about treatments they provide.