Have some spiritual fun -  Connect with your inner core of power, by identifying with the Divine presence that lives inside you.

Below are 2 different ways to have some spiritual fun today.

  • 3 Miracle Grids sample meditations with theta frequency music by Enlightened Audio.

  • Steps of your soul's path using the Enneagram  to step into the root of your power.

Watch this to help you receive a higher frequency, one of my best guidance meditations: "Confidence Self Esteem Love" - 2 minutes of feeling this.

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 Life was really meant to be fun and enjoyed.

Believing you are your body and your mind separates you from the quiet you need to know you are made in the image of Divine creation and have the Divine within you.  These sample meditations help you achieve a state of Divine presence.  You can:

  • Attain the same kind of inner peace Tibetan monks have using theta music & binaural beats in these best guided meditation videos
  • Be guided upward with a higher being-set with universal truths about your true nature.
  • Easily be in the Now moment with the visuals in these meditations.

Watch this now "Be a Winner Video Meditation" Use your best ear listening devices so you can understand and know  that you are a winner.  Oh yes you are!

Teach your kids how to attain a peaceful state to be a success in life. Have your kids meditate too! This meditation was child approved by a 10 year old.
Just have them watch "Children Receiving Love Meditation".
Have your inner child watch - I won't tell.

Below is the most elegant way to follow your soul's path, also known as the Enneagram.  Read along and see the path of ease that your soul has for you.  Have fun exploring the power the Divine gave you, what drives your passion.

Don't know which of the Enneagram's drive your passion?  Click here 1st,  Enneagram Persoanlity Drive, then come back here to your elegant path

True Soul Path 1 -3

Reformer 1

  1. The Reformer enneagram personality follows your soul’s path  when you strive to have fun accepting an imperfect world.
  2. Then understand using your emotions so you can think more deeply.
  3. Third, rely on yourself.
  4. Fourth, know that you are loved always.
  5. Fifth create exceptional things and then see your world reform before your very eyes.
True Soul Path 4 -6

Creator 4

  1. The Exceptional One or Creator enneagram personality follows your soul’s path  by first doing what is right by letting go of feeling flawed.
  2. Then have fun seeing how reality really works by accepting you.
  3. Third, you think clearly about your true nature so as to be self reliant.
  4. Then in knowing you are loved by the Divine.
  5. Now you can create by inspiring others and doing exceptional things.
True Soul Path 7 -9

Adventurer 7

  1. The Adventurer enneagram personality follows your soul’s path and when you let go of past emotions to think more deeply by focusing your thoughts on what you prefer.
  2. Then use that focus to become self reliant.
  3. Third, know that you are loved by the Divine so you can then create being more intimate within yourself.
  4. Now, you have the character to do what is right, love yourself rather than get a feel good fix.
  5. You can truly find the adventure that life is about.

Helper 2

  1. The Helper enneagram personality follows your soul’s path  by accepting where you are now & create love for yourself by knowing the Divine loves you unconditionally.
  2. Then you do what is right to others by accepting them completely and setting them free.
  3. Third, you find the adventure of life through touching the joy of giving & receiving without conditions to get.
  4. Then you release past emotions so as to think about receiving from the Divine by surrendering your desires.
  5. Fifth, now rely on yourself to love unconditionally, and receive the reflection of love from your world abundantly.

Investigator 5

  1. The Investigator enneagram personality follows your soul’s path  when you are open to act on what you know now.
  2. Be self reliant by feeling deeply so as to connect with others.
  3. Third you know you are loved even if you don’t have all the answers.
  4. Then allow in Divine inspiration by doing what is right without worrying if it is wrong.
  5. Fifth, having that freedom,  enjoy the adventure that life is. Then you will enhance your ability to think more clearly.

Leader 8

  1. The Self reliant enneagram personality follows your soul’s path  when you use the power of your magnanimous heart to trust yourself as being loved enough by the Divine that you would never be without power.
  2. Then you can be creative to inspire others rather than control them.
  3. Third, reform yourself and find the fun in life.
  4. Now tap into your talents of solving problems by using more of your natural intellect.
  5. Now you can genuinely lead and be relied upon.

Achiever 3

  1. The Achiever enneagram personality follows your soul’s path when you reject any self deception and be who you really are.  Free yourself from seeking outside approval and find safety and security by knowing yourself first.
  2. By knowing you are loved by the Divine always, you make peace with yourself and then others.
  3. Then you achieve anything your heart desires.

Safe & Secure 6

  1. The Loyal enneagram personality follows your soul’s path  when you  find peace within in the quiet and letting go of the past.
  2. You then achieve freedom of being run by your fears by facing them.
  3. You are able to move to a sense of well being, and can find the safety and security of life for yourself and others.

Peacemaker 9

  1. The Peacemaker enneagram personality follows your soul’s path  by knowing your priorities matter to the Divine always. Then achieve anything you desire keeping in mind what is good, true and beautiful about it.
  2. Now provide safety and security for yourself and others.
  3. Then you can truly use your strengths of conceiving and communication to bring peace to your community and yourself.

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