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Why not Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life, Change Your World!

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Change Your Beliefs Now

Venture into some wonderful journeys  to  regain control  when it feels like life is giving you more than you can handle?

Meditate with me and come to a state of complete calm in minutes like Tibetan monks.

Start to benefit from these best guided meditation videos

Happiness and Joy Meditation

Positive thought reconditioning for you  using:

  • visuals
  • guided imagery
  • brainwave entrainment – theta wave music & binaural beats


These MP4 video meditations are a Complete Immersion Meditation experience. They help YOU change your beliefs now.  In just minutes you will feel relaxed and pulled into being present in the moment automatically, called mindfulness.   They are being sold now for download in the Miracle Grids Download Store.

Or stream them, buy in our streaming store

The download store has products for those who don't always have an internet connection and would like to download onto their favorite devices.

Here are the download links:

Releasing Stress

Self Healing

Self Renewal

Happiness and Joy

Susan of Miracle GridsCreated by Susan Suehr a former Chemical Engineer/ Project Manager who over 30 years helped those who worked for and with me to be their best, now helping spiritually seeking people to find the peace and calm they need when life demands are just way too much.

These meditations were created to help you relax, restore your confidence, and reset your mindset to positive.

We all know how important meditation is for our overall well being.  Miracle Grids have made the Best Guided Meditation Videos to help you be able to gently and easily change your beliefs now so you can have the life you choose to have. All within a matter of minutes.

Here is what people are saying about these guided meditation videos from Miracle Grids:

  • “Wow I love it! So healing and powerful”
  • “My body relaxed immediately in response to your voice.”
  • ” I loved the animated Talisman”
  • ” I believe it can bring a sense of hope, dignity, and empowerment again.”
  • “I definitely relaxed with the Releasing Stress Meditation”

There are many benefits of Complete Immersion Meditations.  You just watch & listen, no learning required.  Beginners meditate at deep theta like they’ve been meditating for years. You can come to states of theta brainwave benefits as if doing years of yoga or deep meditation practice.

Check the science behind the Miracle Grids Guided Music Meditation Video products.  The info-graphic below explains it.

Continual use allows you to

  • Experience reduced stress & less anxiety
  • Puts you in an altered state that increases your creativity
  • Calms down the negative talk in your head
  • Improves your focus & concentration
  • Speed healing
  • Require less sleep

You can go to the Miracle Girds Download Store or the Streaming Store to pick one or more to meet your meditation needs.

Use your best ear listening device for the best experience!

Try out one of these best guided meditation videos from this Meditation Master to Find Inner Peace and Calm “Create Better Feelings”  Click Image Below for FREE Access to Meditation