My greatest fulfillment has always been to help others.  Hi, I’m Susan Suehr, former  Chemical Engineer who meditated who over 30 years while developing & commercializing more than 26 products and achieved 5 patents by resolving emotions.  Now helping you make your dreams happen with offerings that include my best meditation videos.  Enjoy and explore these streaming meditation for abundance and prosperity offerings that can lift you by resolving your emotions.

Want calm in minutes, positive mind set in weeks and discovering your Divine gifts in 5 weeks?  Check our array of offerings below that help you do just that. My best meditation videos are included.  They all support you to know that you are made in the image of the Divine, so you are Divine perfection.  Please know that you are valuable and important. You were born with a life purpose and are important to the Divine.  Please don't ever allow anyone to tell you to believe differently. Check out my best meditation videos below.

"Streaming Meditation Membership" Club for resolving emotions

Four different ways to make your life better with groundbreaking  emotion resolving meditations. A new best meditation is added with time.

  • Heart Alignment Meditations to get energized, sleep well and release stress
  • Healing Meditations to improve to be more positive, creative, have more perseverance & visioning strengths  and powers
  • Uplifting State Change Meditations to be loved, valued and powerful - each meditation for abundance and prosperity.
  • Jump to New Heights Meditations to merge with a more confident and optimum you

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My best meditations in the Miracle Grids Streaming Gifts for monthly gift of $12.45 or a yearly discounted gift of $119.90

Do you desire to re-educate yourself to achieve an edge  in the workplace?  Move beyond skills into living your dreams by discovering your God given gifts.  No school or retraining program offers this. Discover your edge.
Discover Your Strengths, Powers and Talents Online Streaming Course

For those who want an edge in the workplace:

  • Millennial who wants a better job
  • Those who want to compete better
  • New training to move you beyond prior education levels
  • People who want a better position for retirement
  • Entrepreneurs who want to start a business

Were you told only special people were born with talents?  You were given them too, with the strengths to hold them and the power use them. Find what makes you unique in 5 weeks to succeed with your chosen destiny- strengths powers and talents.

Discovering your unique gifts beyond skills  is what helps you live the life you dream about.   No one teaches these in schools.

  1. Uncover your natural strengths to reveal how and when you never give up , especially when others say no to you.
  2. Discover your Divine given powers to find the power that drives you to stay in your power.
  3. Find out how to value yourself more by knowing the unique way you think and solve problems, your God given talents.
  4. Be guided with a step by step plan that gently integrates your unique strengths, powers and talents with your work and life so you can be your best.

This course is available through streaming. $497 with 1 gift payment or 3 gift payments of $199.00.

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These Guided video calming meditations from Miracle Grids are for both beginners and advanced meditaters seeking to connect spiritually with the natural healing energies of your Divine mind.

  • Takes you to a theta meditation state quickly( minutes) and easily like Tibetan monks for healing and connecting with your Divine mind.
  • Be in the present Now moment with either Susan’s animated healing talisman or beautiful places in nature.
  • Be relaxed and at peace with Susan’s soothing voice that guides you to a peaceful state.

Check them out in the Miracle Grids Download Gift Page $24.95 each.

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These offerings contain Videos Meditations and Guides for helping you stay on track with a peaceful, loving or successful mind set in 1 -2 weeks time.

Resolving your emotions gets you to a calm state where you can tap into your Divine mind and find calm, have fulfilling healthy loving relationships as well as the abundance and prosperity that is your Divine right.

  • Meditations to reach a calm state, or have your relationships be loving ones, or learn how to resolve your emotions to Achieve Abundance & Prosperity
  • Emotional resolving guides that help you be inspired by your Divine mind. They have step by step instructions and success criteria to move to the next step.

In the Miracle Grids Download Gift Page ranging from $29.95 to $249.95. to download to your preferred device

or purchase the streaming versions in the Miracle Grids Streaming Gift Page for instant access on any device.

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Focus your desires with these beautiful healing talisman, that increase your sensitivity to connect with your Divine mind and clearing your resistances.

These are for people wanting to clear their resistances to live the life of their dreams in 1 - 2 weeks.

  • Uncover Divine truths about you with a guide of positive beliefs to carry inside you for living a positive life.
  • Contain step by step Powerful ways to use these clearing tools to focus your life desires.
  • Learn to hold a positive resonance with these beautifully crafted healing talisman used like crystals.

All in the Miracle Grids Download Gift Page ranging from $19.95 to $49.95.

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Spiritual Energy Healing with Susan Susan of Miracle Grids

It is important that you know that you are really the healer and Susan is helping by providing energy to support your desired healing or changes.

I will connect with you in a theta brainwave state and we will both do the work together there along with Creator, All That Is.  With connection to my oversoul, I ask them to communicate with your oversoul to insure their permission for what is in your highest and best.  The overall goal is to help you learn to self heal by showing you how. I will also show you how to discover blocks on your own and how to reprogram new mind patterns within you.

How this process works:

First I will ask you to muscle test (see attachment after purchase) various blocks that may be getting in the way of a healing you desire or blocks stopping you from having your needs and wants met with elegance, ease and grace.

Then I will ask you for permission to clear a block and/or download a positive mind pattern. You will work on blocks until you reach the core blocking issue at hand. Sometimes I will take you into hyperspace where you are able to heal the child within and bring balance to your system, so your new mind patterns can remain. 

Then, with your permission and permission from your oversoul for what is in your highest and best, I will finally do a spiritual energy healing. For setting up a session with me please receive an additional download – "Discovering Your Power" pdf.

You can schedule a 1/2 hr session for a donation of $75.00 or a 1 hr session for a donation of $150.00

If you have any questions, you can email me:

Disclaimer:     Spiritual Energy Healing is a supportive modality to support any medical or other mental professional health treatments you may be receiving.  Spiritual Energy Healing is not a substitute for any medical or mental health services.  Please refer to your medical or mental health providers for any information about treatments they provide.

AOScan Aether Frequency Scan

I want to announce an opportunity for spiritual energy healers to participate in  a new venture that I am beginning with Janet & Stewart Swerdlow along with SMOCH, (Sacred Medical Order Church of Hope).

The AOScan Mobile Device – Regularly $695
SAVE $220 with an aoscan membership
Aoscan Member Price: $475.00!
The cost is $95 to be a member of aoscan
You will need a monthly support package @ $149/month
– Or, get the advanced support package @ $199/month.

Contact me for more information to join.

See details Here