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You can Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life & Change Your World by taking on a different perspective of how you view your world to obtain calm and peace when you need it.

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Change Your Beliefs Now

Do you currently see your world as a friendly place?  When you start to let in that your body and mind are just tools given for you to express the Divine intelligence that dwells within you, you can open up to seeing the world as a friendly place.  Your world was created so you can use your tools for experiencing the unfolding of Divine perfection.  You do that by identifying with Divine presence rather than your tools.  Then you can find that peace and calm any time you choose.

Learn to find the inner peace and calm that comes with remembering your spiritual essence is who you really are.  Start to identify with that and watch your life become happier and more joyful as you are able to unwind quickly and easily.

Here are some inspiring thoughts and some of my favorite photos I took this year.  Then read further below with links to other inspirational pages to help you.

So how do you Change so you can start identifying with the Divine presence within you?

Sometimes we get stressed because life brings up suffering with fears that seems to come out of no where.   You can heal naturally by facing  those fears head on and stop resisting them.   It is the resistance that causes the suffering, not the fear itself.  Try this natural way to face your fears without suffering.  Face the fear by observing where in your body the fear is then take away naming it as fear, pain or anything else.  Then observe in this way until it naturally passes through you.

Another way is to take some time and meditate.  Meditation can help you reconnect with your true nature and the power you were given to live a fulfilling life.  Yes, the Divine gave you the driving inspiration for you to live your life with passion.  Following the path of your passion is your unique soul’s path.  Check my spiritual fun page for some sample Miracle Grids meditations and the 9 soul paths of power.

When you follow your soul’s path of power, you are acknowledging your true identity, the Divine spirit that dwells within you. Check this an article written to help you to tap into ways for you to identify and keep being that powerful Divine presence.

You can also use affirmations that bypass your subconscious  mind that has you identifying with your tools rather than the true you.  Check out these beautiful ways to use wondering affirmations to hold onto beliefs that you can actually believe and keep you feeling the aliveness of life.

If you need some guidance for understanding the power the Divine created you with, check out this enneagram guide for development.

Let these natural ways of making change to help you to truly identify with the real beautiful you made in the image of Divine creation.  These Miracle Grids inspirations and articles help you get to know that Divine spirit that lives within so you can wake up every day being motivated and energized.

Click the picture below for free access to one of my Best Guided Meditation Videos.  It takes you on a Journey to a Beautiful Canyon so you can lift Your feelings as you come to tap into Your Divine presence.

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