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Welcome to Miracle Grids Inspiration and Articles area!  We will post different inspirational messages from time to time, in order to help you feel better by changing using a positive mindset.  Come here as you like. Listen to some New Inspirational Thoughts Click to Blog to consider.

It can be a challenge for us to change because we think that there will be pain if we do.  Sometimes we think that bringing up older memories will bring back old pains that haven’t healed yet.  In order to heal old wounds, a change in our beliefs needs to take place.  There are many ways for us to change our beliefs without having to bring old pains or wounds into our minds.

One way is using affirmations that bypass our subconscious and our unconscious minds.  Another way is to make those old beliefs conscious then choosing not to believe them anymore.  In addition, you can use inspirational moments to provide inspirational thoughts.  Newer inspirational thoughts give us new beliefs to carry.  They help us change because there is great emotion tied with them.

When we think new thoughts with great emotion, we take on a new belief.  Inspirational moments provide us with positive inspirational emotions to have newer belief thoughts.  Changing our beliefs using emotional inspirational moments allows us to take on newer beliefs without bringing up those painful memories.

We can start to heal those old wounds in a more natural fashion.
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Article Live Your Passion

It is so important to do what you love.  Have fun with this article Live Your Passion


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Article Affirmations for Belief Change

Learn to use wondering questions to support your affirmations to work better.  Enjoy this article Affirmations for Belief Change