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The Miracle Grids Gift Page offers an array of downloadable consciousness raising products (meditations, healing talisman clearing tools, and Mastery Series combination sets) that helps the spiritual seeker resolve emotions to have peace, calm, hold a resonance of love, and success:

Susan of Miracle GridsHi, I’m Susan Suehr.  Allow me to personally welcome you into my store of adventure and fun. A former Chemical Engineer who used meditation to find Divine guidance over 30 years to develop & commercial more than 26 products and achieve 5 patents.  Now helping you to go within and live the life you promised your soul you would.  Enjoy and explore these  products so you can heal your emotions, change your beliefs and receive Divine guidance as you go about your life.

Allow me to pass on this message I received from my Divine mind for you. ” It is a complete truth that you are absolute perfection in the eyes of the Divine and are loved unconditionally.  That is the truth of who you are. There is nothing that you could ever do to loose that love or perfection.  You were created with an incredible power that is there for you to claim.  When you claim that power, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving your dreams.  Claim and use that power created in you. “ My driving passion is to help you connect with the wonderful power that exists within you, your Divine mind.  That is why I created these Miracle Grids  Offerings.  All of them were created to help you look within, resolve your emotions that block you so you can make empowered choices and live your dreams.

These offerings were created with Divine inspiration so:

  • These Best Meditations take you on a journey using  uplifting theta music, stunning visuals and soothing voice to reach a deep theta meditative state in minutes to be able to respond to life when demands get to be too much.
  • Our Healing Talisman with guides help you to explore your beliefs and help you resolve your limiting emotions in 1 – 2 weeks.   The guides include lists of positive beliefs to carry within you so you can step out of your ego mind & connect to your Divine mind. There are also powerful step by step ways help you clear your resistances and  focus your  positive desires similar to using crystals.  There are 17 different ones to help you release negativity, hold a positive attitude in your life, and surrender to your Divine guidance.
  • We also offer 3 different  Mastery Series sets that combine powerful healing meditations and guides to help you master calm, love or success in 1 -2 weeks.  They help you hold a positive attitude for calm, love or success in your desired form so you can live a life of fulfillment with others you care about and care about you.  Both download and streaming versions are available. Use the link if you prefer the streaming version of these Mastery Series sets for using on smart phones and tablets.

Testimony “Change Your Beliefs Now is an incredible, innovative system for growth and change and for overcoming stresses and negative beliefs. Breakthrough Masters program to Achieving Abundance and Prosperity is a complete system of meditations, including ebooks, recordings and an invaluable roadmap to feeling better which brings everything together in one complete package. I found the system extremely helpful, detailed and thorough, addressing a lot of issues at a deep and healing level. The books are well written and extremely detailed and thorough, and the recordings are amazing. Susan’s voice is so soothing and healing, and the visual images and guided meditations really are stunning and very unique. I have done a lot of different meditations over the years but these meditations really are all encompassing and reach a very deep level, I think because of the visualization and, Healing Talisman, as well as the Binaural beats. As soon as you start the meditation you can feel a shift, and a sense of inner peace. The Successful Abundance Guide is helpful too for moving on into a new life filled with abundance. All in all this is a complete guide to turning your life around and overcoming life’s stresses and obstacles, and to generating a path to abundance. I would highly recommend this complete package of Breakthrough Masters program to Achieving Abundance and Prosperity to anyone wanting to transform their life and seeking to move into a place of love, joy and abundance. I think it is well worth the initial cost and will be an invaluable resource to anyone on the healing journey, seeking true growth, change and transformation.”

Dr. Anna Maria Wolf

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