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Helping those exhausted with life’s demands.  Immerse Yourself in a State of Complete Relaxation & Wonderful Feelings of Inner Calm with these video meditations, guides, ebooks, self coaching products  and Healing Talisman in the Miracle Grids Shop.

Become a Meditation Master with Theta Brainwave Entrainment (Theta FrequencyBinaural Beats and Theta Healing Imagery ) and attain calm in minutes.  All in the Miracle Grids Shop.

  • Powerful Healing Meditations
  • Life Mastery Series:    Meditations, eBooks & Guides
  • Healing Talisman:    Basic and Self Coaching Tools

No Lessons Required for meditations, watch, listen with ear listening devices and follow along.  Reach Theta brainwave patterns in minutes.

You receive the same benefits using these meditations as in hypnosis or REM sleep.  Take your meditations to a new level with the Best Guided Meditation Videos.  You can relax in minutes and be drawn in with the visual effects to be in the present moment, also known as mindfulness.

Immediate digital downloadable products in the Miracle Grids Shop, after checkout. Click on the image or title for detailed description.  

A Streaming Version of the Life Mastery Series is available on each product page as well:  

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