New Mastery Tools to Have Lasting Loving Relationships

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Created by a former Chemical Engineer & spiritual seeker, now one who helps other spiritual seekers create a loving mindset to help you bring love into your life. In as little of 1 – 2 weeks using the guides and meditations you can hold an attitude & resonance to:

Elevate your thoughts to attain unconditionally loving ones.  – Don’t miss out! Watch this video

Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life, Change Your World


New Mastery Tools to Have Lasting Loving Relationships

Start achieving the vibrations to have lasting loving relationships at a mastery level using theta meditation techniques (practiced by Tibetan monks for thousands of years)

2 Breakthrough Mastery Meditation Videos and Mastery Guide

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2 Video Meditations Transport You on a guided journey to feeling these powerful emotions of:

Happiness & Joy            Finding Love

“How to Find Abundant Love” easy 3 step Mastery Guide to Become a Master of Having Lasting Loving Relationships

  • THETA BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT – Obtain a theta meditation state in minutes (like Tibetan monks) – Contain Theta Frequency, Binaural Beats and Theta Healing imagery – 2 Breakthrough meditations using stunning visuals, uplifting music and a relaxing soothing voice to guide you.
  • MASTERY GUIDE – Attain an unconditional loving state – A Meditation Master provides finding love action steps, tips and the indicators of when you achieved mastery with each step
  • UNIVERSAL TRUTHS – Achieve Lasting Loving Relationships – Meditations and Mastery Guide Using Dr. Hawkin’s Map of Consciousness Truths – Unconditional Love Truths to accept & resolve emotions


This is the 2nd in a series of Miracle Grids Mastery Series – Enjoy being transported with these relaxing and healing best guided meditation videos.

Want to know what people say about these meditations?

“Wow I love it. So healing and powerful.”

“It really works.”

“My body relaxed immediately in response to her voice.”

“I believe it can bring hope, dignity and empowerment again.”

“I love the videos and phrases.”

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Created by Susan Suehr  copyright 2015

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