How to Finally Release Stress

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How to finally release stress
Are you tired of worrying about what is happening in your life and just want some peace of mind?

You can trust life, have confidence, esteem, and good relationships with your loved ones if you release stress.  You can have knowledge of what is new in our world without fears perpetuated by the news.  Here is my story of what did and did not work.

Common Way I Handled to Release Stress that Really Didn’t Work

I was having a lot of stress in my life and thought that ignoring what was causing the stress was the way to feel better.  “Just don’t pay attention to the stressful thoughts and they will go away,” I used to say.  Don’t give energy to it.  I had many friends who would reinforce that strategy.

It may have helped me temporarily, but I would find myself feeling anger towards people who didn’t meet my expectations.  I would get frustrated while driving in slow traffic.  I couldn’t shake those bad feelings if someone criticized me in public.  Now that could be challenging for anyone, but I noticed most people would be able to get over it.  I hung on to every little thing for months.

How Did I Know My Way to Release Stress Wasn’t Working?

Little things that didn’t go my way would get me into being stressed out.  I remember the time I was 10 minutes late for my hair appointment and they canceled me.  I wanted to cry.  It took me a whole 5 minutes to get over it enough to even think to ask for another appointment.  Now that is being stressed out.

None of my dear friends knew how to help me.  So I started reading books and going to workshops to try to figure out a better way.  Yes, I read “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.”

Trying to take things lightly just didn’t seem to work to help me to just let go.  It was just another way for me to deny what was going on within me.  I literally carried that book around and read it during the day.  Still, at the end of the day, it took me hours to calm myself to sleep.

So What Was I Doing Wrong?

Here is what I learned.  I found that stress is meant as a natural wake up call for growth and change.  When we want to encourage growth in plants, for example, we cut them back and threaten their life.  Stress!  Is that what life is supposed to be?  Not really.

You may be asking now, how can I release stress if it is a natural process for growth and change?  Hear me out here for a moment and I will explain.

By denying my feelings when I had a negative experience, I wasn’t able to grow and change.  We are meant to have stress as an indicator for growth and change, but not as a regular stimulant for living life.

Shoving my feelings down was only denying that I was still replaying those negative experiences in my head.  When we practice negative experiences in our heads, we are inducing continual stress in our lives.  That is not natural.

In order to release stress is first understand that negative experiences in our head come from a negative meaning that we give to events in our life.  The natural growth and change to find peace is about getting to know our truer self and giving positive meaning to events in our life.

So What Does Work to Release Stress?

You may think that this is hard to do.  Just hang in with me here, and I’ll show you how to do it.  This actually works and you will be a happier person for trying it.  I know many who have used this with me and had a lot of success immediately to release stress.

I will give you 3 steps on how to release stress, with my own examples using the Ebola news.

  1. Identify Thoughts in your Head

If something has you upset, start by using those feelings to help you.  Ask the question what someone who feels that way would say about themselves.  Just consider that someone else is having that feeling, rather than you.  That helps give you a different perspective.

Example: I heard on the news that someone in my area was exposed to Ebola and violated their agreed voluntary 21 day quarantine.   Now other reports are saying that people are getting Ebola without having direct fluid contact with others.  Other news says don’t be alarmed, Ebola is hard to get. 

So I have conflicting feelings.  “I’m scared.”  “I’m ambivalent.”  “I mistrust the news and the government.” 

The thoughts that I have that go with those feelings are: “It won’t happen to me.”  “It isn’t real.”  “The people in Washington are disconnected, so many of us are going to get sick and even die.”  And “someone is purposely allowing infections to force companies to produce a vaccine.”

  1. Determine if the those Thoughts Are Limiting You or Require Conditional Love

I am sure many of you have heard that according to the Law of Attraction, you need to let go of resistance, connect to source energy, and let go of scarcity thoughts.  I personally found a great way to connect to the Divine and let go of resistance.  It is by knowing our true nature and true self.

We are made in the image of the Divine.  So our true nature is that of infinite possibilities and unconditional love.  Scarcity thoughts come from believing that there are only finite possibilities and that receiving love has conditions attached.  So here is my method of doing the 2nd step to release stress and find peace.  Let me continue with the Ebola example.

Example: “It won’t happen to me” and “It isn’t real” are limiting of all possibilities.  When I deny all possibilities, I am denying my true nature and I am not connected to the Divine.  So I tell myself that these are not the full truth and I am better served by allowing those possibilities to exist.

“The people in Washington are disconnected, so many of us are going to get sick and even die” and  “Someone is purposely allowing infections to force companies to produce a vaccine” are about receiving conditional love.  It says that others need to change before I can receive love in the form of feeling safe and secure about the Ebola news.  I tell myself that these thoughts are not true because they are not my true nature of receiving unconditional love.  I create my own reality.  Others do not create my reality for me. If I give away my power to create to others, it is against the truth of who I am.

These negative thoughts about proving you need to do something to feel better just are not true and do not serve you. 

Background:  Here is what I have learned over the years about how we create our reality.  We create our reality by first having consistent thoughts that are connected to strong emotions.  Then we take action.

Now if those thoughts are positive and connected to strong confidence and esteem feelings, we have positive experiences.   If those thoughts are negative and connected to strong fear or doubt feelings, we have negative experiences.

So it is important to get to those positive thoughts and feelings before taking action.  You do that by telling yourself what is most true of you.

  1. Most True: Love Without Conditions and Allow Infinite Possibilities

Ask what someone who loves you without conditions would say to you?  Yes, they may disagree with how you may act in certain situations, but they would still love you for who you are.  Receiving love without conditions is most true about you. 

Infinite possibilities are most true for you.  Probability is another matter and is based on your beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

Example: With the Ebola news I allow the possibility that “It can happen to me” and “It can be real.”  That does not mean that I have to accept that it has to affect me directly.  Others may have their reasons for attracting this disease to them. I want to allow all possibilities to be able to exist, for that is the truth of my nature.

“I don’t need people in Washington to be connected, for creating that no more people are getting sick and dying.  I can create with empathy and compassion that minimizes people getting sick and dying” and “I can create my reality to have companies with enough compassion to create a vaccine for it.”  I am willing to let go of conditions to have the reality I want, which is being safe and secure with the news of Ebola.  I am the creator of my reality; I will not give my power away to others by using conditions to have what I want to create.  I can just declare what I want to create with the Divine and co-create miracles with them. 

Here are some thoughts that have helped me think about unconditional love.  Know you are made in the image of the Divine and therefore, you are: 

  • Completely worthy of their love
  • Totally deserving to be anyone you desire to be
  • Enough to them, as you are, flaws, imperfections and all
  • Fully valued and your life is proof of that
  • Secure in receiving what you want by staying connected to them
  • Powerful and strong enough in every moment you stay connected with them
  • Totally deserving to be at peace with yourself and your world


Now take whatever action that you deem appropriate, action based on being empowered and not under stress.


I used these steps and started to notice that I stopped negative beliefs about whom I was based on what happened to me.


I wasn’t sweating the small stuff anymore.

Embracing a new mindset to feel better about yourself will change both you and your world.  Release stress in your life and be done with it. 

Try this new way to feel better starting right now.  Use those feelings rather than deny them.  Get to know the negative stories in your head and the lies you are telling about yourself.  Practice changing them to positive truths.

Remember your goal is to feel better, have more trust, confidence, esteem and better relationships with your loved ones.  These new practices of a positive image will work for you; they have for so many already.  This is what they really mean by the Law of Attraction.  Be the Truer You!

Create a Miracle With Me!

I invite any of you who feel stress about anything in your life.  Release stress about it by finding your feelings, creating your positive thoughts and being your truer self.

Maybe you can change your world!

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