Secrets For Attitude of Appreciation and Gratitude

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Attitude of Apprreciation and Graitude

An attitude of appreciation and gratitude are keys to happiness in our life.

Feeling and expressing words of appreciation and gratitude will help abundance flow into your life with more grace and ease.  Everyone wants more abundance in their life, be it love, wealth or spiritual.  That is the freedom we all want.

Is an Attitude of Gratitude Working For You?

What most don’t tell you is that there are challenges to moving from so many issues in your life to an attitude of gratitude.  There are many genuine reasons why many do not practice feeling and expressing gratitude more often.

  • The concept of having a state of gratitude is relatively new and some don’t have ideas as to how to integrate it into their everyday life.
  • There are just way too many life demands grabbing their attention.
  • Some have tried, failed and given up.
  • Others just don’t see the benefit of it.
  • Then there are those that have been hurt so much, the only comfort they can feel is that warm blanket of self pity.
  • Some have unique life experiences that put them into a state of feeling indebtedness, so gratitude becomes an elusive emotion.

If you belong to one of these groups, you are not alone.  All of us have been in at least one of these situations at one time in our life.  There are ways to move beyond these obstacles.  Choosing not to have an attitude of appreciation and gratitude in today’s world is not an option if you want to succeed and find your personal freedom and happiness.

Moving Beyond These Obstacles to Find and Feel Gratitude

Our very world is changing so fast that what works today may not work tomorrow.  In order to keep up and attract positive synchronicities to happen to us, having an attitude of appreciation, gratitude and thanks is a must.

Even though positive psychology  is relatively new, much has been written to help us find ways to integrate gratitude into our daily lives.

Here are some ideas to integrate gratitude into daily life that I personally found helpful to me.

  • Getting ready in the morning, rather than think about what needs doing that day, try feeling gratitude for something. I write down a list of what needs to be done the night before so the morning can be a time for gratitude.
  • Thinking thoughts of appreciation and gratitude while driving has been a more enjoyable trip.
  • As I go about my day and connect with others, say at the grocery store, feeling gratitude and expressing words of appreciation towards them gives me a more positive experience with them.
  • Practice expressions of appreciation and gratitude with my loved ones each evening has really changed the environment at home. Everyone loves hearing words of appreciation.

Try some of these and come up with your own ways.  Having some fun with your own ways will make feeling gratitude easier.

Some of the above ways can also alleviate the many demands of life.  An attitude of gratitude is really a state of being and can be practiced at any time.  It is just a matter of remembering.  I post notes in places to help me remember.   Maybe you can put up some mysterious word notes to remind you, while no one else would notice.

To those who have failed and given up trying again, maybe it just needs more time.  It takes a consistent state of mind to overcome the subconscious and unconscious beliefs that get in the way of having an attitude of gratitude.  Time is on our side here.

Maybe try feeling gratitude and appreciation with yourself as you wake up in the morning.  For example, something you are good at and feel a sense of appreciation and gratitude for having developed those skills.  Then later, try expressing gratitude towards a safe person or a loved one.

The world is changing rapidly, so don’t give up on this amazing attitude of gratitude which creates an abundance flow and more personal freedom.  It helps to start when your life is in a better place than in a less fortunate place.

I can tell those who love that nice warm blanket of self pity, it just doesn’t work.  From my own experience, it only gives temporary relief and invites more hurt into your life.  Start to heal the hurts in life.  Forgive others and yourself.  Feeling gratitude for relief and healing has been most amazing for me.

For those who feel indebted for something, I can only tell you that the Divine never expects anyone to feel indebted to anyone for anything.  They would prefer that you feel gratitude instead.  You can ask for their help and it will be given.  Gratitude is the ultimate gift of freedom for all; indebtedness is the ultimate prison.

Gratitude and Thanks Have Hidden Secrets as Well

I have found that creating an attitude of appreciation and gratitude for me has opened many doors and given me much freedom.  The synchronicities of opened doors have brought me to a place of living by inspiration.  I am talking about having so much excitement for life from moment to moment, that I feel at times like I’m going to bust with joy.

I am producing things at a faster pace that I never imagined that I ever could.  Others have reported similar results of doing tasks in unbelievable amounts of time just by having an attitude of gratitude.  Let’s call this “Time Magic.”

It is always good for us to start creating a state of being with appreciation and gratitude.

Try living in inspiration by creating a state of gratitude for yourself.

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