Build Gratitude within You

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Build Gratitude Within You

I wanted to get this out for the US Thanksgiving celebration so if any family or friend becomes a foe, you can lift any drama with thanks as you build gratitude within you.

Do you get frustrated during the Holidays when others play out their drama stories?

Sometimes you may even want to wish them to go away as their irrational behavior plays out, yet you stay because of family.  Instinctively you know to take the higher ground, yet there are times when you get caught up.  So how do you lift that drama and build gratitude within you?  How do you do that when their drama is hurting others you love?

So how to stop the drama?

Yes I know it sounds crazy, but stick with me and I’ll show you.  In the US, we are celebrating our Thanksgiving Holiday, and many of us either dread or avoid family gatherings to not be influenced by the drama of others.

There are a few ways to take the higher ground whenever someone plays out their stories going on in their head, their drama.

Way no. 1 – Respond with Love

One is to remind yourself that it is about them acting out stories they tell themselves in their heads and does not apply to you or anyone else.  This method works if you catch yourself before getting caught up in it.  Yet even if you do initially get caught up in it, you can still change mid stream by telling yourself the truth of what is happening.  Then you can respond without venting your own emotions.

A good thing to remember is that their dramatic behavior plays the same stupid rendition as it always plays.  It is predictable because it lacks any truth and therefore plays out with the same stupid tricks it always does.  This reminder can help you depersonalize their behavior.  Now you can respond by either not engaging their stupid behavior or engaging with love.

Engaging with love is about engaging with truth.  It is about judging their behaviors and not judging them.  They are still made in the image of Divine creation.  Their behaviors reflect their level of consciousness.  Love forgives them acting on their level of consciousness.

Way no. 2 – Accept Your Emotional Response

A second way is to privately accept the feelings they stir in you and notice where those feelings are in your body.  As you notice them, you are observing them.  Take away any names you call them as you continue to observe them.  Keep observing as they pass through you.

Next you think about the love you have for anyone and notice where that is in your body.  Observe that love until its full presence is with you.  Now carry that unconditional love and acceptance.  Pay attention to any inspired messages for responding.  Ask yourself what unconditional love and acceptance would look like.  Become quiet; in that quietness wait for an inspired answer.

Sometimes no response is the best response, because drama players seek out others to play in their drama. They know in doing that you lower your vibrations to their level and the game is on.  Step off their game board of non acceptance and conditional love when responding to them.

Way no. 3 – Turing Foe to friend

There is a third and better way, yet takes a little preparation before meeting up with those drama queens.  You can lift drama with thanks and heal a foe into a friend.

What does thanking have to do with turning foe to friend?

One of the easiest ways to lift your vibrations is with gratitude.  You know that their behaviors are stupid because they are just different variations of the same head stories they carry.  You can feel thankful for understanding the predictability of their behaviors.

You know the feelings their behaviors stir in you.  You can decide to change what stories you have in your head that causes you to respond with those feelings.  If your feelings are uncomfortable, then you have a story in your head that is a lie about who you believe you are or believe they are.

We are all born in the image of Divine creation, so everyone has a light of love within them.  This person may have a dim light, but there is always some light there.  Maybe you label yourself as something that does not speak to the light within you.  You can be thankful for the gift of changing your view of both you and them.

Nothing in your life changes until you change.  So if you don’t want to receive negative impact from the drama queen, you must change your own stories of you first.  This healing of you also heals a part of them as well.  You can be thankful for the healing.

You can also focus on the gratitude of being with others you love and the opportunity to love.  Once you open to that, you can find so much more to be grateful for.

Finally, if after all that, you still wind up being sucked into some drama, go back to the second method.  After you allow yourself to let any uncomfortable feelings to pass through you, try thinking of something to feel grateful for.  It could be for the company of loved ones or maybe the food that is being prepared.  Notice where that gratitude is in your body and allow yourself to observe it until its presence is absorbed and with you.

When you allow either love or gratitude to fill you and to resonate within all of you, you are allowing in the presence of Divine creation. So build gratitude within you and grow in your Divine presence.


I made a meditation to help you build a resonance of gratitude and keep it.

Welcome to Miracle Grids meditation to build gratitude within you.

Listen with ear listening devices for the best experience.  Sit up straight and follow along.

Watch this lovely place in nature now.

Just allow yourself to come to a nice peaceful place.

Take in a slow deep breath.

Blow it out.

Take in another deep breath.

Blow that breath out.

Begin relaxing yourself. Start relaxing your feet.

Gently move that relaxing feeling up your calves, now into your knees and thighs.

Move it further up your lower back and tummy.

Now find that relaxation moving into your upper back and chest.

Feel your hands and arms relaxing now.

Notice your shoulders and neck. Relax them.

Roll your head from side to side and move that relaxing feeling into your head.

Notice your eyes and mouth relaxing now.

You are now in a deep state of complete relaxation.

Become still.

As you do, also sense the quietness in you.

Feel some love that you have and open your heart.

Move that openness upward and outward, out into space and further out now out into the Universe.

Feel a deep connection now with all that is, Divine creation.

Notice and identify with your true spiritual nature.

Say these words along with me.

All days in all ways,

I am grateful more and more,

for the light that lives inside me.

All days in all ways,

I am grateful more and more,

for the clean air I breathe.

All days in all ways,

I am grateful more and more,

for the water that keeps me alive.

All days in all ways,

I am grateful more and more,

for the food that keeps me nourished.

All days in all ways,

I am grateful more and more,

for all those who love and care about me.

All days in all ways,

I am grateful more and more,

for touching the divine within me.

All days in all ways,

I am grateful more and more,

for feeling the greatness of Divine presence.

All days in all ways,

I am grateful more and more,

for receiving all from the Divine.

All days in all ways,

I am grateful more and more,

for receiving the enjoyment of this spiritual life.

Take some time and let in all of this thankfulness.

Feel all of you embracing that gratitude.

Feel it in your body now and observe it.

Just be.

In the quietness, listen to your higher mind and start to build gratitude within you anytime you choose.

Slowly bring your awareness back to the room you are in.

Now to the place you are sitting.

You are back now.

You are safely in your comfortable place.

You are filled with the beauty of the light and love that dwells within you.

You are loved unconditionally by Divine Creation and they feel eternal gratitude for you living this life.

Do you want to relax and feel good about yourself?  The Miracle Grids Shop also sells video meditations that guide you on journeys of peace, renewal, happiness and healing.  Check them out here.

By Susan Suehr

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