Use these powerful wondering affirmations for belief change to Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life, Change Your World.

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Change Your Beliefs Now

When you accept that there are infinite possibilities to manifest all your desires, you open to fulfillment.  How do you get there? 

Being physical, we are subject to both the laws of the physical realm and the spiritual realm.  That is an important point to help you have a better life.  Both connecting with our heart and using our rational mind in alignment is what can provide for a positive life experience.

When we keep reaching for higher and higher truths in the spiritual realm, the physical realm begins to reflect our beliefs and attitudes.  You can use affirmations that reach for truths that are higher than what you currently believe.  In that way, the affirmations of higher truths can help you.

  • You first identify with the Divine within you because you were made in the image of the Divine, rather than your outer world of your body and mind.  Your soul is your true self that exists eternally.  When you identify with that part, you receive from the laws of the spiritual realm.  When you let go of thinking you are your physical body or mind, you let go of being Only subject to the laws of the physical world.
  • Then you trust that Divine creation, creator of all that is, will fulfill your desires in the highest and best for all with Harm to None according to spiritual law.  Know that how you expect it to manifest may not be in the highest and best for all with harm to none.  You are better served if you anticipate   the laws of the spiritual realm delivering what is in the highest and best for you with harm to none. Yes, visualize at first how you may receive it, then let go of it only coming to you that way.  You are now aligning the laws of the spiritual realm with the physical realm.

Affirmations for Belief Change – say during the day with as much emotion as you can.

What happens when I know I am of spirit and let go of all resistance:

• and surrender to Divine for providing all my hearts desires?
• and knowing Divine supplies all & receive an abundant income doing what I enjoy?
• and treat my body respectfully as a tool of Divine creation for optimal for health and wellness?
• and trust the Divine will provide me enjoyable companionship?
• and receive Divine wisdom to become an understanding person?
• and receive Divine inspiration to become a fascinating and interesting person?

Some Daily Affirmations for Belief Change that are true of your birthright

Do as many of these during the day as much as you want to create lasting change in who you choose to be. In about a month’s time, you will be amazed at the life you are creating.

All days in all ways, more and more, I am:

• valued, loved and worthy.
• enough, deserving, and grateful for everything in my life.
• someone who always does what excites them.
• successful in my work.
• at ease with having lots of resources available to me.
• in a place living my freedom.
• in excellent health, full of vitality, and slender.
• abundant, prosperous, and wealthy.

When you state affirmations for belief change using wondering questions, you can bypass the subconscious and believe what you are telling yourself.  You also believe affirmations that are stated as being more that you were before.

Change Your Beliefs Now Miracle Grid Blog Logo

Change Your Beliefs Now


An inspiring resource for your path of awakening through self awareness and personal growth.   When you change your beliefs of how you view your self, you become a different person and tap into the power of having more positive experiences in your life.

Change how you view yourself in a more positive light and you will allow the Divine to supply you with more of your desires.  The Divine will start to nudge you with synchronizations and inspirations.

Connect with your heart to receive then use your rational mind to evaluate for actions to take.

If your rational mind evaluates actions that are in the highest and best for all with Harm to None, then it can be an action to take.  Your experience with the action can direct you to following actions.

Use your most excitement in the moment of an action for direction.  Keep your rational evaluation with Harm to None, before taking actions.  Remember Harm to None includes you and your loved ones.  That is how you can keep the laws of both the spiritual realm and the physical realm in alignment.

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