Dreams Illuminated Healing Talisman

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Do you want to live your dreams?  Try this Dreams Illuminated Healing Talisman clearing tool & guide.  Created by a former Chemical Engineer & spiritual seeker, now one who helps other spiritual seekers.

This Healing Talisman clearing tool & guide helps you the spiritual seeker experience the following in as little as 1 -2 weeks:

  • You can tap into the positive beliefs to live your dreams by using this Dreams Illuminated Miracle Grid Healing Talisman clearing tool & guide.
  • Elevate your thoughts and choices to be inspired and feel you are valuable by raising your natural vibrations.
  • Start to create a life of light and love that is filled with adventure that builds to triumph.

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Use this Dreams Illuminated Healing Talisman clearing tool & guide to learn  and practice trusting in the Divine Intelligence that lives within you to be inspired to live your dreams.

14 page guide and the Dreams Illuminated Healing Talisman with 2 different colored backgrounds

  • How to Use the Miracle Grid Healing Talisman clearing tool
  • Why and how to change your beliefs
  • How to muscle test your beliefs
  • 2 pages of positive beliefs to consider so as to illuminate and live your dreams
  • Higher truths to help show you how to make your dreams come true with illumination
  • Create your desires using the healing talisman and surrender them to Divine Intelligence inside you
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Want to know what people say about these healing talismans?

“Great tool to help bring dreams into physical manifestation!”  Elizabeth

“This system has been of great benefit to me. Mostly by helping me realize that my potential is a function of my attitude and perspective. After several months of diligent practice, I have experienced improvements in all aspects of my life. Especially with setting and executing my goals. What I will stress is patience! You must be patient with the system, but most importantly with yourself. Allow yourself to grow with it. I find there is a synergism with orgone and lemurian seed crystals. I simply love it!”  Jay