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Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life, Change Your World

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Change Your Beliefs Now

Connect with energies for you to start feeling in as little as a week:

  • Valuable
  • Inspired
  • Confident and respected
  • Know your unique qualities matter
  • Know your power, dignity and grace

Drawn by a Meditation Master (formerly Chemical Engineer & spiritual seeker)  who has worked with meditations, talisman and crystals for more than 35 years.  
Are you a spiritual seeker who likes to work with Crystals, Talisman, or Just starting to work with these tools?

Try these Basic Miracle Grids Gifts.

Create your own changes so you can start clearing away fears and worries from your life using these  colorful Miracle Grid Healing Talisman clearing tool and guide.

This introductory package provides your choice of a Miracle Grid Healing Talisman clearing tool and a guide to use in creating positive change in your life.  The colors, movement and glyphs increase your sensitivity so you can raise your vibrations to connect to Divine Inspiration and let in more light and love to your changes, creations and life.  Create positive life experiences by having positive beliefs about who you are.  The Miracle Grid Gifts use sacred geometry and are infused with inspired positive energies to work with you individually.  They also contain basic instructions to help you understand how to change your beliefs and to create your desires in life.

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For those new to using spiritual tools.

Easy way to try out the Miracle Grids.

What is included in the basic Miracle Grid?
  •  8 x 10 Miracle Grid Healing Talisman Clearing Tool with 2 colored backgrounds
  • More than 10 pages instructions:  how to make your own a magic papers (also known as prayer requests) for change, how to charge up the Miracle Grid for healing, 2 pages of positive beliefs to consider and four secrets to creating anything you want in your life, to ensure your success.

Look at the qualities in these Miracle Grids and chose which one you prefer.

Dreams Illuminated Live Your Dreams     5 Star reviews  when on amazon
  • Dreams Illuminated Miracle Grid clearing tool helps you to create a life where you live your dreams.
  • Raise your natural vibrations to be inspired and feel you are valuable.
  • Dare to create a life of light and love that is filled with adventure and builds to triumph.

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Enlightened Protection – Feel Valuable & Powerful      5 Star reviews  when on amazon
  • The Enlightened Protection Miracle Grid clearing tool helps you to know that you are born significant and your unique qualities matter.
  • Raise your natural vibrations to feeling valuable, loved, powerful, and grateful.
  • Learn how to create a life of light and love.

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 Passions Awakened – Know your Dignity & Grace
  • The Passions Awakened Miracle Grid clearing tool helps you to change your life so that you do what you love and love what you do.
  • Raise your natural vibrations to knowing your dignity, grace and self reliance.
  • Choose a life of light and love that is filled with freedom, sacredness and the ability to respond.

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Value and Trust  Know Your Divine Worth    5 Star reviews  when on amazon
  • The Value and Trust Miracle Grid clearing tool helps you to know that you are born completely worthy and valued.
  • Raise your natural vibrations to feel confident, respected and realize that you are part of something greater.
  • Choose a life of light and love that elevates your integrity and character.

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Learn from a Meditation Master who has a passion for you to find inner peace and calm.  Who Spent More than 40 Years discovering how to Combine the science of the West with the Spirituality of the East.

Use this powerful theta state video meditation to travel to a beautiful canyon to lift your feelings to good feelings.

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