Value Trust Healing Talisman

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Do you want to value yourself and trust in Divine Intelligence that lives in you?  Try this Value and Trust Healing Talisman & guide.  Created by a former Chemical Engineer & spiritual seeker, now one who helps other spiritual seekers.

This Healing Talisman clearing tool & guide helps the spiritual seeker experience the following in as little as 1 -2 weeks

  • Know that you are born completely worthy and valued by Using this Value Trust Miracle Grid Healing Talisman clearing tool & guide.
  • Elevate your thoughts and choices to feeling confident, respected and realize that you are part of something greater by raising your natural vibrations.
  • Start to create a life of light and love that elevates your integrity and character.

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Use this Value Trust Healing Talisman to learn and practice trusting in the Divine Intelligence living within you to be inspired to live your life knowing you are supported by Divine love.

15 page guide and the Value Trust Healing Talisman with 2 different colored backgrounds

  • How to Use the Miracle Grid Healing Talisman
  • Why and how to change your beliefs
  • Learn how to muscle test your beliefs
  • Check the 2 pages of positive beliefs to consider so as to feel self value and trust
  • Higher truths to help show you how to know you are loved and valued by the Divine and can trust in the highest and best for you.
  • Create your desires using the healing talisman and surrender them to Divine Intelligence inside you

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Want to know what people say about these healing talismans?

“I used this product recently to change some long held beliefs regarding my own self worth. After just one use of the product, I already noticed increased confidence in myself and my abilities. I also noticed that I didn’t worry as much. I was successfully able to change many long held beliefs that were limiting my potential. I will definitely keep using this to help change other beliefs and create new opportunities for growth and improvement.”  Leigha

“Beautifully done & very powerful, these grids are wonderful and a terrific point of focus for your healing and magical workings!”  Laura