You are absolute perfection in the eyes of the Divine and are loved unconditionally.

The truth of who you are. Nothing you could ever do to loose that love or perfection. You were created with an incredible power that is there to claim.  Here is the key to help you claim that power.  Resolving our emotions and surrendering to the Divine, is what changes us to being powerful.  Hi, Susan Suehr meditation master, former Chemical Engineer.  Would you like to have an array of pathways to help you resolve your emotions?

These emotion resolving 20 - 25 minute video meditations that are currently in the streaming access club membership use different ancient wisdom ways to help you change and surrender your life experiences to our Creator.

More than that they guide you to having the highest and best the Divine wants for you.

New meditations will be added on a periodic basis and you can cancel at any time.

Meditations to create your heart centered experiences:

Getting Energized

Getting Restful Sleep

Reduced Stress  & Gratitude

Meditations for healing your strengths and powers:

Positive Mindset

Creative Mindset

Perseverance Mindset

Visioning Mindset

Meditations to help you shift your current state to more positive state experiences:

Being Loved

Being Valued

Being Powerful

Meditations to help you make quantum jumps to new height experiences:

Beginning Journey, Meeting Parallel You

Meeting Confident You

Meeting Optimal You

Each meditation area has different ways to help you change your life.

  • Relax with Susan’s calming voice and music to help you make better connections to our Divine Creator.
  • Be guided in ever so gentle ways so you can resolve challenges that life presents you with grace and ease.
  • Be changed using scientific ancient techniques:
  • Take  20 - 25 minute meditation breaks to help you live a spiritually inspired life. Access on any device with an internet connection.