May I extend and invitation to you to come on some amazing video meditation journeys of healing in nature to:

  • Align your heart to be centered in excitement, calm or peace.
  • Healing adventures to improve your mindsets of positivity, creativity, perseverance or visioning.
  • Have fun changing your current state to an improved state of being loved, valued or powerful.
  • Achieve quantum leaps of merging with the self that is more confident or has optimal qualities.

Here is a list of these lovely 20 - 25 minute video meditations that are currently in the streaming access club membership.

New meditations will be added on a periodic basis.

Meditations to create your heart centered experiences:

Getting Energized

Getting Restful Sleep

Reduced Stress  & Gratitude

Meditations for healing your strengths and powers:

Positive Mindset

Creative Mindset

Perseverance Mindset

Visioning Mindset

Meditations to help you shift your current state to more positive state experiences:

Being Loved

Being Valued

Being Powerful

Meditations to help you make quantum jumps to new height experiences:

Beginning Journey, Meeting Parallel You

Meeting Confident You

Meeting Optimal You

Each meditation area has different ways to help you in your day to day life.

  • Relax with Susan’s calming voice and music to take you into a theta meditative state like Tibetan monks.
  • Be guided in ever so gentle ways so you can meet different challenges that life presents you.
  • Be changed in positive effortless ways using heart centered breathing, guided imagery healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP to move your subconscious mind from a goal seeker to a goal receiver), or Quantum Jumping (shift you to new qualities of being).
  • Take  20 - 25 minute meditation breaks to help you live an improved life. Access on any device with an internet connection.