Raise Your Vibrations

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How do you raise your vibrations when there is so much chaos in our world?

Do you feel insecurity, aloneness, unsure about the future, or feeling controlled by others.

These emotions can pull your vibrations down.  By resolving these emotions, you can raise your vibrations and keep them raised.

You first accept the emotions you have and accept wanting to be rid of those emotions.

Now you accept you fully in this very moment.

Now bring up what strengths you use when these emotions surface.

Also bring forward the vulnerabilities where you make mistakes when you feel these emotions.

Now how do you judge these all as good or bad?

The Divine loves us unconditionally, so does not judge us as being good or bad. They have no conditions for giving us their love.  So surrender to them the judgments you make.

Now forgive anything that needs forgiven. This is about giving the Divine the gift of your life experience. Do this daily and see how your life becomes better.

Here is a meditation to help.

Meditation Raise Your Vibrations

Welcome to Miracle Grids Meditation Raise Your Vibrations

Listen with ear listening devices for the best experience.  Sit up straight and follow along.

Watch this lovely place in nature while listening to this relaxing music.

Take in a nice deep breath. Hold it.

Now blow it out.

Take in another deep breath. Hold that breath.

Blow that breath out.

Allow your breathing to come to a normal natural rhythm now.

Start to relax yourself by relaxing your feet.

Move that relaxation up now into your calves.

Let your knees relax.

Feel all the cells of your thighs; relax them.

Flow that relaxing feeling upward now and into your lower back and tummy.

Sense a soothing comfort move into your upper back and chest.

Relax your hands and arms.

Notice your shoulders and neck; relax them.

Slowly roll your head from side to side and allow your head to be filled with tenderness and gentleness.

Notice your face and relax it now.

You are now in a deep state of complete relaxation.

Quiet yourself as you allow a gentle stillness to come into your awareness.

Now quiet your mind further as you allow only thoughts of your breath moving in and out.

Feel your heart with its wonderful living beat.

Notice it beats a loving life force through all of you.

Allow yourself to open upward now and gently outward with that loving life force.

Now further out, up and out into the world and further out now out into space.

Your life force moves further out now into the Universe.

Sense a deep connection now with all that is, Divine creation.

In that connection ask for help raising your vibrations.

Know that there is always help and it lies in willing to go within.

Sense your willingness to go within.

Notice that the Divine gives you courage to feel better in each new moment.

Feel that courage within every cell of your body.

Now sense any negative emotion coming forward. It may be about insecurity, aloneness, unsure about the future, or feeling controlled . If more than one comes, allow them both.

Allow in the desire to be free of the negative feelings as well as having the negative feelings flowing freely.

Stand between of those opposing strong emotions, allowing them both to exist in you.

Now begin to feel safety and security right now, in this Now moment.

Move now into feeling a pleasure of knowing that resolution of your feelings is coming.

Forgive you for having those emotions. They are coming forward now to be released.

Now understand  that the Divine offers you complete healing always. Understand the strengths that come forward when these emotions surface. Take a moment and do that now…

Understand the vulnerabilities when you make mistakes that come forward when these emotions surface. Take a moment and do that now.

Surrender to the Divine those emotions with the strengths & weaknesses now.

Allow in now how much Divine creator loves you. Surrender any judgments of anything being good or bad now up to the Divine…

Now Take some time to feel the Divine’s love for you.  Feel that love in every cell of your heart center.

Silently say in your mind what needs saying now.  It can be words or just a sound. Maybe it is a smell or seeing colors. Just let be what is.

Surrender what was said.  Let in any wisdom the Divine offers you now…

Feel now a deep connection with our one infinite Divine Creator forgive anything that needs forgiven…

Now thank them for taking all that you surrendered…

Know you are ever so loved by Divine Creator.  You are an expression of the light they pulse out into our world.

Begin to come back now.

Sense the room you are in, the place you are sitting.

You are back now and in your comfortable place.

Let that Divine inspire you to take  new strong actions.

Create a New World in this Now moment with your new light.

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By Susan Suehr

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