How Hope Can Inspire

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Welcome to Miracle Grids Inspirational Moments.  The Light of Hope Can Inspire.  Let a bit of hope dwell within you now.

Hope is about trusting for a positive outcome within any situation, because Hope is about knowing that you can trust the Divine to deliver a positive outcome anytime.

When we can let go of trying to control our life and just allow it to unfold, we can trust that all is well with our life.

We live in a duality.

For every dark possibility there is a light one. Darkness requires us to shut out the light.

Be Still For a Moment  and know that you can find light, even in the darkest of times.

Think About Some Light Now For You to Find Your Way in the Dark.

The Divine is Always With You, Ask Them for Healing, So Light Can Come.

Feel Now Where the Dark is In Your Body and just observe it.  See it fade away.

Dark thoughts that make you feel less than deserving are lies from our ego.

Tell Your Ego All the Dark Thoughts Are Lies

Send Those Dark Thoughts to the Divine For Replacing With the Truth of Love Thoughts

Now Feel Gratitude for Lighter Thoughts Coming to You

We all are a part of the light that composes our reality.

You are important to bringing light into this world.  Make a choice to be a light bearer.

Take Your Place Among Those Who Choose Light and Bring More Hope to Our World. Hope can inspire!

You Deserve! You Are The Light of The Divine.

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By Susan Suehr

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