How to Trust Yourself

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Trust Yourself!

Do you have one area in your life that somehow just does not seem to work the same as the rest of your life?

We may be confident and trust our ability to cope in many areas, but there is that sticky spot that we just can’t seem to trust our ability to be successful at.  For some, it is about keeping relationships.  Some of us just don’t make enough money to live the life we want.  Many don’t seem to have the energy and motivation to pursue what they want.  They just don’t seem to know how to get ahead of where they are.

This happens because our fears are greater than our trust in being able to overcome them.  The more we try and fail, the greater our fear becomes.  If someone comes along and says something that brings that fear of failure forward, we feel less self value.

So how do we turn the tide and start trusting our ability to create the whole life we want?  I am not going to pretend it is an easy task.  It takes a bit of courage and some work.  Here is a 9 step process that will turn you around.

You will start to trust yourself in any area of your life you want to.  This has worked for me and many others who have followed this process.  You are going to have to look at what beliefs are standing in the way of you having the complete life that you want.

There are 3 major components.  Trust Yourself, Trust in Help from the Divine and Trust in Life.

Trust Yourself

  1. Self trust starts with mustering up the courage and looking at the worst that could happen in the area of your life you’d like to change. There are two things that are gleaned from looking at this fear.  The first is to uncover the erroneous belief you are saying to yourself that keeps that fear in place.

What do you say always happens to you when this issue comes up?  What do you believe is true about you that either elevates you or diminishes you in comparison to others?

Trusting yourself starts with believing that you can cope and face what most scares you.

  1. Second, now who in your life reinforces these beliefs? Many times those who we use for outside validation and support are the very ones we keep there to reinforce those beliefs.  It is important to know who supports us in keeping those beliefs, because we need to drop the link that holds those beliefs in place.

This is challenging because we think it is scarier to look deeper into the beliefs than to change them.  We also fear that we will lose the relationships with those who help us with holding onto those beliefs.

Changing our beliefs and cutting off the link that we use with others does not have to end any relationships.  It only changes the quality of them.  My experience has demonstrated that the quality of those relationships only improves.

There have been people I know who have definitely ended relationships, but those have been ones of a toxic nature only.  The ending has only been positive for all involved.  The ending became a freedom from the prison which held it together.

  1. Start telling yourself the truth. Tell yourself that you are not going to believe that anymore because it just isn’t true.  If it isn’t true for everyone, then it isn’t true for you.  If you can find one person it isn’t true for, then it cannot be a truth to believe in.

Also tell yourself that you are no longer going to use the other people to reinforce those beliefs.  Can you imagine how freeing this can be, both for you and the other person?

Allow me to give you an example:

I had this fear of always being hurt by others, just when things started going well in my work life.  I would be totally enjoying myself in my work, then bam, someone would come along and hurt me in some way.  It happened to me so many times, that I took on a strong belief that I was to blame if someone hurt me. I would analyze every situation with that person to determine what I did that caused them to hurt me.  People who loved me would support that belief by saying things like “You must have done something wrong to them or hurt them in some way.”  In almost every situation, it turned out that outside circumstances caused them to hurt me.  Yet, I continued to carry this belief.  It wasn’t until I was able to look at my fear and tell myself the truth, that people stopped hurting me.  My loved ones stopped reinforcing that belief without my even asking them to.  The experience just dropped out of my life.  

  1. The fourth step in to trust yourself is to start living your truth. I heard that so often, but didn’t understand what that meant for quite a while.  I learned that when we are living our truth, we are being true to our own talents that are born out of our passion.

Our true nature is all about the passion that drives us.  We are living our life doing what is natural or passionate to us rather than what others want.  I have worked with people who have been manipulated by others so much, that they have not been able to feel the truth of their passion.   That is their true nature.

If this has happened to you, take a look at the list below to help you find your true passionate nature.

  • Those who have a passion for changing or reforming their world
  • Those who have a passion to help and be helpful in their world
  • Those who have a passion to make achievements in their world
  • Those who have a passion to create new and special things in their world
  • Those who have a passion to investigate and research their world
  • Those who have a passion to understand and avoid danger in their world
  • Those who have a passion to explore the fun and adventure in their world
  • Those who have a passion to take charge and lead in their world
  • Those who have a passion to heal and have everyone get along in their world

Be careful to get in touch with your true nature by getting in touch with your driving passion.  Not all artists have a passion to create new and special things in their world.  Anyone can express their passion in any profession they are in.

For example, there are many kinds of healers.  There are those in the healing profession who have a passion for reforming current methods of healing.  There are other healing professionals who have a passion for achieving breakthrough science. 

Likewise there are those who are leaders who may have a passion for understanding and avoiding danger in their world.  Another leader may have a passion for helping and being helpful in their world.


  1. Review your day each night. Forgive yourself for any regrets.  Tell yourself the truth about your worth and value, which is that you are completely worthy and valuable.

Now, think about the meaning you may have given to events during the day.  Have you given some negative meaning to events?  If so, give them a positive new meaning by saying this is now what you prefer.

Example:  John’s boss at work has told John that he is not ready for a promotion, when he clearly knows he demonstrated the skills.  He may define that event with a negative meaning that says “I’ll never be accepted at work.”  He could redefine that event’s meaning with “I am finished with believing I don’t get appreciated.  I prefer others recognizing my skills and achievements.”

Trust in Help from the Divine

  1. We all have a Higher Self who is our highest spiritual self, living inside of us. They are that part of us that connects with the Divine.  Know that you have a Higher Self living inside you, who has your highest and best interest.

Your Higher Self will help and assist you to resolve any problem, create resources, and provide the knowledge for what to do next to achieve your desires.  They will provide ways to help you as long as it helps you grow and is in the highest and best for all.  The Divine is invested in providing the means for the highest and best for all and for everyone’s growth.

Many times we don’t get help in the way we want, because it may not help us grow, or it isn’t in the highest and best for all.  We are always given help.  We can be so stubborn and attached to the exact outcome that we just don’t see the help when it is there.  Taking on this perspective opens us up to seeing help in the form it shows up in.

  1. Give your problems, healing desires, and concerns to your Higher Self before you go to sleep and then let those concerns go. You will find what you need within 72 hours of asking. Many people who do this, report having a dream with powerful inspiration.

I personally have solved many technical problems at work for many years using this technique.  Other ways of allowing in assistance is to use runes, animal spirit, or angel cards.  You may see a sign on a bus or a billboard with the exact message you need. You can also ask your Higher Self to let you know by turning on the radio and the lyrics of a song can be their answer.

My own experience:

I had lost my job some years back and asked my Higher Self to give me a message with the radio. I turned the radio on to song lyrics “You can do magic.  You can have anything your heart desires. Magic.”  I got a new job in record time.  Magic!

  1. Now take on an attitude that you will have what you need when you need it. This is the mindset that helps so much.  Then relax and be prepared to take action on whatever insight you are given.  The Divine will provide.

Trust in Life

  1. Take on a whole new way of looking at your life. Your life is important to the Divine.  See it as friendly.  Your life is a means for you to grow into something greater.

Every experience is meant to help you become stronger and express your strengths, powers and talents in new and unique ways.  Allow your life to unfold rather than control it.  Sometimes the shortest path only appears to be the long way around.

See every life experience as a way to learn a new truth about yourself.  Let it be the adventure it was meant to be.  Explore you.

Remember that you want to understand and know how to trust yourself and know the truth of your value.  As you come to exposing more truths about you, you will soon understand why you and your life are so valuable to the Divine.

All you need to do is start to take a look at yourself more deeply.  Yes, it’s scary.  It is scary for everyone.  Take that leap into the uncertainty of you.  You are not going to find something awful at all.  I guarantee, what you will find is beauty.


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