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Follow the path of your soul. Use this Enneagram Guide for development

Want to live your easiest path and the path of your soul?

How?  The Enneagram!

We are all driven to follow the path of our soul to work on our life theme. We can take the path of growth and find elegance, peace & joy living out life, or we can take the path of comfort and find struggle and suffering.

Many take the path  that appears easier because it feels more comfortable or known, but is one of resistance, and creates a life of struggle and pain.

You don't have to do it that way. You can let go of that resistance and do it easily so you can find your peace and joy.

The study of Enneagram has great depth and richness.  There are many resources to study them to learn their intricacies. This enneagram guide for development of your passion and seat of your power helps you easily find your enneagram passion drive, but cannot provide a complete understanding.  It helps you find what drives your passion and live it.  It is the seat of your power as well.  As you search for yourself here, you may first be tempted to choose who you would like to be.  But the best match is found by thinking if you were backed into a corner, how you would act in a difficult situation?  You should also consider that you may also be attracted to one number lower or higher, which has been called your "wing" or your "lean."

How to use the guide.

  1. Review all 9 and see which one most describes how you tend to act in most situations.
  2. Then look at the number before and after the one you chose.  You will have qualities of these as well, but not as strong.  This is often known as a wing or a lean.
  3. If you have trouble deciding between two, consider the one that best describes you when backed into a corner, or perhaps afraid or losing something.  (clicking on text next to the images below will take you directly to the Miracle Grid Passion Miracle Grid Product in the Miracle Grids Shop)

enneagram guide for development of the enneagram reformer

Enneagram 1 Reform


These people mainly feel compelled to perfect things in order do what they think is right in their mind. They see most experiences as needing to be changed, reformed or be corrected. They have high ideals and a good sense of morals. They can get caught up in being a perfectionist. They also can get stuck believing they are right and needing others to agree with them. At their best, they change their world and fix things to be better. At their worst, they get frustrated with those who won’t do what they think is needed to make things right. They get caught in anger and resentment. They can then descend into envious thoughts of those who are able to change things, resulting in them not feeling that they are enough.

enneagram guide for development of the helper enneagram

Enneagram 2 Help to Find Love


These people desire to help others. It is their passion. They are motivated out of loving others and they usually flatter people. Most are selfless, empathetic, self-sacrificing and close friends. At their best they are loving and helpful to others, making sure people are felt known by them, including acquaintances. They make good partners in business and wonderful spouses. At their worst they tend to smother those they love doing for them rather than letting them do for themselves. They can get caught in being prideful. They then descend into controlling behaviors, trying to control the love. They can cut off all emotions except love, and come across as too full of light.

enneagram guide for development of the achieve enneagram personality

Enneagram 3 Achieve


These people are motivated to achieve at all costs. They know what to do and who to interact with to achieve what they want. They know how to get things done and act upon what it takes to get things done. You can always count on them to complete things successfully. At their best, they accomplish the impossible. At their worst, they are chameleons and misleading in order to achieve their goals. They often disguise themselves in the mannerisms of others. They seek love and approval from others and enjoy attention. They can descend into forgetting who they really are, not feeling they matter, and become lazy about understanding themselves.

enneagram guide for development of the enneagram personality create

Enneagram 4 Unique Special One to Create


These people enjoy creating and inspiring others. They often feel they are an exception and can do special things with their creativity. They are dreamers and know how to make their creations and dreams become true. They are romantic and emotionally honest. At their best, they are very spiritual minded and use their creativity for the good of all. At their worst, they can fill their life with melodrama to prove that they are an exception, that life works for everyone else but them. They feel flawed and will get envious of others, feeling there is not enough to go around. It can become all about them, often descending into seeking love and validation from everywhere outside of themselves.

enneagram guide for development of the investigate & reasearcher thinker enneagram personality


These people enjoy digging in and researching everything before taking action. They are highly analytical and good at honing in on the truth about things. They become experts in their fields. You can count on their expertise and the good research they do. They are cautious about getting close to people and require an earned trust before becoming close. At their best, you can trust their research and expertise and they are loyal once you earn their trust. At their worst, they can go overboard with researching to the point of being greedy to know the truth. They can distance themselves from others when they feel their status of expertise is being threatened by people they do not consider an expert. They can descend into excessive thinking, cutting off contact with people.

enneagram guide for development of the Loyal find safety and security enneagram personality

Enneagram 6 Loyal Friend to Find Safety


These people are compelled to find and bring safety and security in any situation. They are courageous and usually do not automatically trust authority and mainly rely on themselves to get things done.  Their loyalty to protect others is expressed by pointing out negative possibilities.  Many can be misjudged as a pessimist, yet some are.  They are truth seekers and will not stop seeking, even if it means knowing catastrophe. Most are comfortable with others disagreeing with them, because they don't automatically trust others. At their best, they are able to suggest mitigating solutions to stop bad things from happening. The spiritually minded are sensitive enough to try not to scare people. At their worst, they get consumed with fear, often scaring those they are trying to help. Then they feel betrayed and doubt themselves. They can descend into needing others to agree with their worst fears.    

enneagram guide for development of the adventure and have fun enneagram personality

Enneagram 2 Have Adventure


These people love to find adventure with everything in life. Many can become obsessed with their work if it is fun to them, becoming workaholics. They are friendly and make friends easily. They love to party and try new things for the fun of it. They usually have lots of friends and tend to not get too close to others. They can also feel like they are going to live forever and do not consider providing future security for themselves or their loved ones. At their best, they are hard workers if they are doing what they love. They are joyful, friendly and a lot of fun to be around. At their worst, they can do fun in excess, and are vulnerable to addictions. They can get superficial and impulsive. They can descend into clinging to their possessions and will be stubborn about changing, even if their behaviors are destructive to them.

enneagram guide for development of the self reliant leader enneagram personality

Enneagram 8 to Lead


These people enjoy being in charge and want to lead the way. They love to feel powerful and in control of things. They have a natural affinity for leading the way to success. They have big hearts and love magnanimously. You can rely on them for they know what to do and when to do it. They are self-confident and strong. They love winning and will skillfully change the rules of the game to win. They naturally know that they create their reality. At their best, you can count on them to lead you on the right path to success. At their worst, they are vulnerable to feeling weak, powerless and become controlling at all costs to the point of being a bully. They can descend into distancing themselves from others and become obsessive about gaining power and control.


enneagram guide for development of the healer peacemaker enneagram personality

Enneagram 9 to Heal and Build Community


These people want peace, and love to have everyone get along with each other. They are easy going and at times self-effacing. They contribute without needing to be in charge, as they are more motivated by everybody getting along and being at peace. They are natural healers and bring comfort to those who are worried or anxious. At their best they are good negotiators and can close contracts that all parties can live with. They build community and bring a sense of common purpose to groups. At their worst, they fear that who they are and what they do will not matter. They avoid any conflicts and will give up or give in just to get along. They can descend into fearing that they have no importance or significance to their world and become consumed with fear.  Then they become unmotivated, passive and un-involved.


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