Successful Research Investigative Thinking

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Do you want to master your passion of investigative thinking?  Try this successful research investigative thinking self coaching guide and Healing Talisman.  Created by a former Chemical Engineer & spiritual seeker, now one who helps other spiritual seekers.

This Healing Talisman clearing tool & guide helps you the spiritual seeker experience the following in as little as 1 -2 weeks:

  • Be able to know that you are always useful to Divine Creation and only develop skills of expertise when inspired Divinely to do so by using this Successful Research Investigative Thinking Miracle Grid Healing Talisman and clearing tool.
  • Elevate your thoughts and choices to know that the Divine will provide the knowledge you need when you need to know it, with right timing by Raising your natural vibrations.
  • Start to create a life of light and love that elevates you to living an inspired life full of truth.  Know how to act without having all the answers. Rely on your strength of intellect to discern and live by Divine inspiration.  Know what is right by knowing if it is good, true & right. Be free to explore the adventure life is in its uncertainty.


Use this Successful Research Investigative Thinking self coaching  guide and Healing Talisman to learn how to and practice trusting in the Divine Intelligence that lives within you to be inspired to live your life knowing you are supported by Divine love.

28 page guide and the Successful Research Investigative Thinking Healing Talisman with 2 different colored backgrounds

  • How to Use the Miracle Grid Healing Talisman
  • Why and how to change your beliefs
  • How to muscle test your beliefs
  • 9 pages of positive beliefs at 3 different consciousness levels to consider so as to Successful Research Investigative Thinking
  • Detailed directions on how to use the energies of love, discerning, restraint and being close to Successful Research Investigative Thinking. Know the role personality aspects play & integrating them. Understand creating out of essence, and see how the Divine sees you.
  • Use the healing talisman to live your soul path of self esteem, confidence and hope
  • Create your desires using the healing talisman and surrender them to the Divine Intelligence inside you
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Want to know what people say about these healing talismans?

““I can see how it’s easier to follow.  I like it.”  “If someone really wants to change their life you’ve given them some options to concretely do that.”  “I think you have jam packed a lot of information and value in one product, which is great.  There isn’t anything like it that I’ve ever seen before.”  Ed

“They are beautiful and compelling visually.” “The beauty of the visual grid is wonderful.  Your artwork draws me in.” “The concept of writing beliefs out and then muscle testing or evaluating honestly, whether or not one believes those beliefs, is powerful.  What a valuable thing to guide people through.  And how beneficial.” Emily