Focus On What Matters

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Miracle Grids Inspirational Moments – Concentration – Focus On What Matters – Your Beauty & Goodness

Be Still Now

Concentration is Giving Focus to the Goodness and Beauty Within You.  Concentration is our way of focusing our attention on what truly matters to us spiritually.

Concentrate on This Moment Only

Focus on what matters

Any Worry or Fear Thoughts Are Only Past or Future Thoughts

Sense Your Goodness and Beauty in This Moment.  When we give some attention to the reason we are living today, our true purpose, we practice enjoying each moment. We can also focus with concentration on enjoying those moments.  Practice this mindfulness whenever your thoughts wander to the negative.

Your Goodness and Beauty Is Who You Really Are

Remember This Moment

As You Go About Your Day Take a New Moment

Remember Who You Truly Are

You Are Made of Divine Stuff.  We are made in the image of the Divine.  Any thoughts that don’t reflect that, are not truths about  us.   Believe in yourself.  Believe in what is true about you.

You Are of the Divine.  Concentrate and focus on what matters to you in as many moments as possible and to get to know your true nature.

It is important to acknowledge and accept the goodness and beauty within you, because it gives you some self appreciation and value. When we do this, we are connected to our true nature and are much more open to the path of least resistance.  That is a true path and we become recipients of Divine Inspiration.

Believe in the truth of you. Our goodness and beauty will keep us on the path of our own chosen destiny.  It is a unique path that is made by us only and it celebrated by the Divine. Stay on your path of light, focus on what matters to your goodness and beauty.

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By Susan Suehr

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