How To Be Inspired By Faith

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Let yourself be inspired by Faith

Allow Faith to Fill You Now and be inspired by faith.

Think About What Is True About Your Spiritual Nature? Many do not know the truth about their spiritual nature.

The Divine Dwells Within You.  It is so important to know that so you can be inspired by faith. We are made in the image of the Divine.

The Divine Is Imbued Within Every Cell of You and All the Space in Between.  We are completely filled with Divine light and are made of Divine light.  Our light expands well beyond our physical bodies.

Be Still for a Moment. When we can quiet ourselves, we can get connected to the divine and be inspired by them.

Connect to Your Spiritual Nature and Allow the Divine to Unfold Within You. When we do that, we open to live a life of inspiration.  When we live an inspired life, we are inspired by faith in who we know ourselves to be.

The Divine Is Always With You.  They never leave us because we are made of them and are a part of them.  Even when we don’t know they are there, they are with us.

You Can Ask for Anything.  We are expressions of Divine light and can have anything we want, as long as it is in the highest and best for all.

Ask. That is all we have to do. Ask for having.

Now Feel Gratitude for What You Asked for Coming to You. Gratitude moves our emotional state very high. If we can touch the gratitude of accepting what comes to us from the Divine, then we elevate our resonance.

So Be It.  It Is True Now.  It is always true. Only fear worry and doubt can stop it from coming our way.  Those feelings are lies our ego tells us to have so they can control our lives.

The Divine Loves You. They want us to have a life rich with happiness and joy.

You Are the Light of Love!

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By Susan Suehr

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