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Miracle Grids Inspirational Moments – Significance

Significance is Knowing How Important Your Life Is.  Every one of us has some significance to our world and the whole of humanity by the living of our life.  Let that in for you.

Take a Quiet Moment Right Now. The Footsteps you take in life affects our world. Take time to get to know your significance to our world.

You Are a Unique Being

There is No One Else like You.  There never will be another like you either. That is how significant you are.

The Perfection of Your Unique Nature Brings Joy to the Divine.  Take some time to let that in. You, yes you, bring joy to the Divine.

There Is a Higher Self That Dwells within You.  They have always existed and will always exist for eternity.

They Know the Highest and Best For All.  We have this wonderful guidance and they use our emotions to communicate with us, so we may take actions that put us in alignment with our true will.  Our true will is what binds us to Divine creation.

Our Highest Self Also Know the Significance of You to Divine Creation.  If you would take the time to ponder this, you would realize just how true it is. They want you to know your significance.

They and the Divine Holds You Dear in Their Hearts.  No matter how lonely we may feel at times in our life, we are held dear in the heart of our Highest Self and the Divine.

You Are Loved Unabashedly Without Conditions; It Is True

The Divine Speaks to You through Your Highest Self.  They are our Divine connection.

That Is How Significant You Are.  That unique connection that communicates with the Divine is much more of who we truly are.

You Are Held Dear in Someone’s Heart Always.  Keep that truth in your heart.

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By Susan Suehr

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