How to Find Peace

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This is a beautiful way about how to find peace.

Welcome to Miracle Grids Inspirational Moments – Peace
Do you want to find peace? Most of us do. Peace first requires us to be free of our negative thoughts. Know that if we wake up to the morning light, the Divine is in our world because their light is shinning in it.
Take a moment in the morning light and listen to the Divine so as to understand the beautiful messages they have for you. We can feel safe that our thoughts can be inspired thoughts from the Divine and do not have to come from others.
Try letting in inspired thoughts in from the Divine. Trust that the Divine will always be there for you as long as you are willing to listen. Allow the Divine to give you a sense of well being so you can find peace.
When we bring our sense of peace to ourselves, we can bring it to others in our life. As you go about your day and practice living a peaceful life.
Take a Moment and Find That Quiet Place within You
This is how to find peace that lasts.
Peace Comes When We Are Free of Our Negative Thoughts
What Are Your Thoughts In This Moment?
Let Go of Thoughts Based on Past Events, They Don’t Belong in This moment
Release Any Future Concerns, There is No Place for Them Now
You Are Completely Worthy of Love
Let That In
Allow Your Divine Worth to Bring Peace to You
Peace Is the State to Receive From the Divine
Open to Hear Inspired Messages in These Peaceful Moments
This Is How You Were Meant to Live
Let Trust in the Divine Build Now
Be At Peace in This Moment
You Are Breathtaking to the Divine
You Are Light and Love

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By Susan Suehr

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 by Susan Suehr
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