Break Away and Find Your Passion

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Break Away and Find Your Passion

Do you ever ask yourself, “What the heck is my passion anyway?”

I certainly did.  I watched others at work get the most-interesting assignments, while I was given ones that no one wanted.  Why were those people chosen and not me?

What was different about them that got noticed?  What was it about them that management thought would make them succeed?

They expressed passion with their work.

Some are lucky to know their passion early in life.  Some of us spend years spinning our wheels, living another life besides our passionate one.  Some unfortunate souls die, wanting yet never living their passions.

If you don’t know your passion, you’re not alone.  Few people do.  Finding our passion can be an exasperating challenge.  The sad truth is that most people give up looking for it.

And the pressure to find our passion is immense.

Consider this for a minute.  Maybe all the advice we got about finding our passion is wrong.  Maybe there is an easier way.  Maybe you can break free and find your passion.

First, What Do We Mean by Passion, Really?

I’ve heard that your passion is a “fire in your belly.”

The Oxford dictionary calls passion a strong enthusiasm.  So I can sense a bit of the fire now.  Maybe they are talking about what piques our interest to a strong enthusiasm.

Think about this now.   Enthusiasm is doing what interests you enough to energize you, right?

Rather than losing energy, you are energized when you do something.  Time seems to stand still.  You get lost in whatever it is you are doing at the time.

Now take a look at your job, for instance, and ask what was interesting that got you there?  How about a major life decision to have kids or buy something like a house?  Something must have sounded interesting enough to energize you and cause enthusiasm.

That is the fire in your belly they talk about.

You don’t have to know specifically what your passion is to find it.

Start With Sparks

Go about your day in ways that spark an interest within you.

Begin your mornings with adventurous thoughts of how you would go about performing tasks during your day.  Before you get out of bed, find something interesting enough to be enthused about that you will do that day.

Get out of routines.  Think beyond how tasks are normally done, to asking how you can do them in different fun and adventurous ways.  Do it in an excited way.

The Easiest Way to Generate Enthusiasm

Many can find it challenging to think of adventurous and excited ways to conduct tasks.  But there is another way to meet that challenge.  Consider for a moment what other feelings get you interested, energized and enthusiastic.  What happens with your energy and enthusiasm when you feel joy, love, gratitude, kindness, generosity, or even peacefulness?

Your energy and enthusiasm rises whenever you take actions that create these other feelings. You create a spark to feel more alive.  When you feel more alive, your energy is lifted and you become enthusiastic.

For example, you can infuse feelings of self appreciation by being your authentic self with the work that you do and by giving the best of yourself.  This also gives you a sense of pride in the quality of your work, while gaining confidence in being your best.

How to Move On With Action

I had some days where I forgot and fell back into drudgery, especially when things got challenging.

Others can get in your way as well.  Someone may come along and knock you right off that enthusiasm pedestal you were on.  You know — someone who you don’t always see eye to eye.

Sometimes, people would step in to tell me I could never do routines in a new way.  I didn’t let them stop me.  Perseverance is key here.  You are fine.  Gently remind yourself that each moment can be brand new.  Just start over again.

You don’t need to put energy into their concerns.  Their opinions don’t matter.  What matters is you.  That is how you move on.

Secret – You Don’t Have to Find Your Passion – Let It Find You

Before you know it, that passion will show up right on your front door because you are also feeling alive now.  You have brought that fire of “being alive” to what you do.

Sooner or later, you may start to notice a pattern or a cluster of interests that not only spark more energy in you, but also light a fire of enthusiasm in you.  You will make connections with what sparks the energy that brings that sense of being alive, which creates strong enthusiasm.

You will be living your passion before you know it and it will bring unexpected rewards as well.

Your energy level and enthusiasm will be contagious.  People around you will support you in helping you achieve what you desire or aspire to.  Others may find you to be an interesting and fascinating person as well.

Time to Let Go of That Pressure

Finding our passion doesn’t have to be painful any longer.  Let go of that pressure to find it.  You can let your passion find you.

Break free and find your passion now.

Go about your day in ways that create sparks of energy, persevere when obstacles get in your way, and recognize the things that consistently light the fire of feeling alive within you.  You will know your passion within a few months of living like this.

More importantly, you will experience being alive.

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