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Transcendent Love Meditation will help you connect to the Divine provide an opportunity to transcend the chaos of life events.

Do you want to transcend the chaos in your life? 

The world has given us way too much stress these days.  Just trying to keep ahead, at times it appears we take 3 steps backward.  There are forces at play that set up this chaos, yet you are given the gift of transcending that now.


Yes, a gift. Divine Creation is ending the negative forces in our world and opens us to receive from them this new way of living.  They are changing our very DNA, so we can live at a higher frequency.  We now have new abilities that were shown to us when Jesus walked the earth.  Our bodies have the capacity to self heal and the ability to transcend the negative forces at play in our life.  We are moving to a beautiful future to live in new ways.

What are those ways?

Our nature is to not “make a living”, but to “live to make” new creations.  We were meant to connect to Divine Creator for wisdom and guidance, receive nudges and to take inspired actions to manifest those.

Our future is about receiving our needs with elegance and grace, abundance of healthy supportive food that nourishes us, the education we need to “live by making”, energy and housing that is plentiful, and a community that supports the highest and best for all.

That future does not give countenance to those who lie, cheat, steal, control or manipulate others.  There is not room for those ways of living for they cannot sustain the vibration needed to live in this beautiful future.

Many think that we need to force others to behave so we can have a beautiful future.  That is a lower vibration and cannot be held in a beautiful future.  No, the new beautiful future is about connecting to the Consciousness that Jesus spoke of, “Christ Consciousness”.  Others in our history spoke of that too, but called it by different names.

We get to that higher vibration by transcending the chaos with transcendent love.

So how do we do that?

Whatever belief system or religion you belong to, open your heart and ask from the Divine to receive the guidance to transcend.  It starts by connecting with them, asking them and committing to express them in our world, then receiving their guidance.  That is followed up with taking actions based on the guidance they provide.

Connecting to their energy throughout your day brings a peacefulness and harmony of transcendent love to support you during these times of chaos.  I have made a meditation to help you.


Transcendent Love Meditation

Welcome to Miracle Grids Meditation of Transcendent Love.

Listen with ear listening devices for the best experience.  Sit up straight and follow along.

Watch this beautiful place in nature while listening to this uplifting music.

As you breathe in allow your tummy to move forward and expand.

As you breathe out, pull your tummy in and imagine hugging your heart.

Take in a long deep breath.

Blow it out as you imagine feeling you hugging your heart.

Take in another deep breath. Hold it.

Now blow that breath out as you hug your heart.

Allow your breathing now to come to a natural rhythm.

Start to relax yourself. Become aware of the bottom of your spine.

Feel it open up as you move the relaxed feeling into your internal organs.

Bathe those internal organs in love.

Gently move that relaxation into your lower tummy.

Observe any feelings that come up and relax into them.

Now observe your heart center and sense a warm love caressing it.

Now move that relaxing feeling into your throat and sense it expressing your deepest truth.

Feel that relaxing feeling move behind your eyes as the wisdom of the Divine moves into you.

Relax the top of your head as you open to receiving Divine love.

You are now in a deep state of complete relaxation and love.

Now take your attention back to the very bottom of your spine.

Feel the safety and security as Divine Creation wants only healing and the best for you.

Let it fill your spine and be opened with that safety.

Now move your attention into your internal organs.

Feel emotions of being touched by your soul as you bring up a memory of being touched deeply.  Maybe seeing someone being reunited with their loved one, or a homeless person being helped, or sometime where you experienced being touched with love.  Open to your soulful emotions and let them fill all your internal organs and the spaces between them.

Now sense the opening of your lower tummy.  Feel the trust that you are being guided by Divine Creation. You gut knows when the guidance is flowing. Open your gut to that guidance now.

Open your heart now as you allow in the love of the Divine who loves you without and conditions.  Open to knowing how loved you are and no one can ever take that love away from you because it is only given by the Divine.

Now bring your attention to your throat area.  Sense truth coming to you for your unique expression of it.  Yes, the Divine wants you to express their truth in a unique way that is meant for only you and no one else. Open to receive that truth and commit to being the unique expression you committed to before you were born.

Bring your attention to the top of your head & receive from the Divine whatever they have planned for you.  Trust that they only offer what is in the highest and best for you. Open and receive.

Now feel your heart with its gentle beat.

Notice it beats a loving life force all throughout you.

Feel that life force in all the cells of your body.

Notice that there is space between and within your cells. Connect with all that space in whatever way you can imagine.  Maybe you hear something. Maybe you see the space or just feel the space. Whatever way works for you, just imagine that space.

Notice the stillness as you imagine connecting to all that space. It is the space with which Divine Creator creates. Now take these 5 minutes of quietness to be in that space connected to Divine Creator.

Gently now, become aware of the room you are in.

Now bring your awareness to the place you are sitting.

You are back now.

You are now safe and in your comfortable place.

Let Divine presence fill you with new hope and peacefulness every day, as you are their vessel of unique expression.

You were made in the image of Divine Creation.

You bring the light of their information into our world.  We leave you now with love and peace.

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By Susan Suehr

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