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Do you want to be part of something great?  Stream Your Light

This is a time when your light is ever so important. Know the truth of you.  Knowing your truth is key to start spreading the light you were meant to spread in our physical world.

So who are you?

You are part of Divine creation with incredible beauty. Come to know how much the Divine finds you beautiful.  You are awesome to them. Please believe that.

As you become aware of this deep truth know that you are part of a whole that is ever so important.

The light you share contributes to our earth evolving in a spectacular way.

How do we stream our light?

Own the beauty that you are.  Why, because Divine creator basks in their creations, every single one of them.  You are ever so beautiful to them. Please let that deep eternal truth in for it is ever so true.

Remember in each moment of life experience that showing your beauty is what you are meant to be and do.

Owning your beauty opens you up to being able to stream the light that you are.

What if I feel badly?

Please know that the Divine loves you unconditionally.

That means there are absolutely no conditions what so ever for you to be loved.

You are always loved. That means no one can take that love away.

Also know that it is always given to you even in the darkest of your times.  Call upon that love to touch you.

The Divine always has your back and never ever leaves you. You only forget that they leave you.  They are only a moment away from you.  Ask them to touch you with their love.

Know that it is only your ego mind talking, if it is a challenge for you.  The ego mind fills you with guilt, fear, worry, dread and indebtedness.  Anytime you are feeling these feelings, know it is only an ego lie.

How do I do that?

Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you refuse to believe those lies now.  Now tell yourself these eternal truths, which you are beautiful, you are loved unconditionally and you are here to spread the light and love of our one infinite Divine creator.

Open your heart and ask the Divine for help.  Ask them to fill you with their light.  Become a container of their light. That is what you were meant to be.  You only have to remember.  Ask them for you to know and experience remembering these eternal truths about you. Now make a commitment to believe these truths and know the Divine wants you healed.  Learn to heal yourself and others.

I have personally taken this course and it works. Dave’s way of showing how scripture shows healing truths for us to let in is so revealing.

Enjoy this meditation to help you. Spread the light of the Divine.  Share it. Stream your light.

Meditation Stream Your Light

May you see the beauty that you are.

Be at peace know that the Divine has your back.

Start loving you as the Divine loves you.

Become a light container for those in need.

Your light means more than you can imagine.

You are loved so much; let that in.

May you be blessed with much fortune.

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By Susan Suehr

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