Real Us Is Eternal Awareness

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Who is real us?

The –  real us – is light born in the image of Creator.  We are afraid to look at our shadow because we believe something may evil about us.

So why look at it?

Because our shadow self fear thoughts are what creates what we don’t like in our world.  Our world reflects it to us, so you can know who the real you is.  It exposes what you are not, but fear you are.  It brings up fear thoughts we have about us and project on others.  When we don’t look at it, out of fear, we project it onto others until we look at it.  That is the lesson we need.

What does it look like?

Come with me to explore the real us.

It has many forms:

It can come in the form of seeing violence in our world.  How do you express violence to you? Do you tell yourself you aren’t enough, you aren’t powerful, or you aren’t safe? This is violence against the truth of your being.

It can come in the form of seeing others need to control.  How do you have the greed to control what happens in your world? Do you trust the Divine always gives you what you need when you need it? Do you align your will with the will of the Divine, knowing you have free choice?  This is trying to control your reality instead of accepting what is to heal what is not.

It can come in the form of seeing others manipulate the truth by spinning facts. Careful, this is not the “real us”. Do you manipulate yourself by spinning the truth about your Divine origin? Do you spin the truth to support the idea that you aren’t a powerful creator?  Do you ignore the truth that as above so below?  This is how we twist our beliefs to keep us separated from the Divine and believing we are separate from each other.  The truth is that we are powerful and one with each other having different soul personalities, expressing in the physical.

It can come in the form of denying oneness and only seeing difference in others.  Do you separate you by race religion and place of origin?  We all come from Creator as one human race, created to give our experience to the One Infinite Divine Creator.

Here is how to look at your shadow self.

  1. Know that the complete truth is that you are light and not shadow.  The shadow is part of the physical world that is only an illusion. You are made in the image of Creator.  You can feel secure in knowing that the real us is the light of the Divine.
  2. See how you create your reality with your thoughts. Look at the shadow to expose how you create out of fear thoughts. This heals your creativity.
  3. Consider how your shadow self helps you digest how you create your reality.  When you understand and expose your fears, you can heal them.
  4. Now consider  that the heart knows your loving thoughts and shows in contrast your fear thoughts. Put a brown “X” over those fear thoughts and replace them with loving thoughts while putting a violet colored “X” on those thoughts.
  5. Express your truth.  Surrender the fear thoughts and loving thoughts upward to your soul, along with your strengths, vulnerabilities where you make mistakes, and any judgments that go with them.  Judgments of being good or bad keep us tethered to the past and to our fear thoughts.  Now open to the real you in truth.
  6. Sixth, forgive  having denied your shadow self. For like the candle stick it is not the real you. The more real you is the light like the flame.  Open to receive the wisdom of this.
  7. Lastly open to Divine truth by going within for your answers. Let the world events expose and go within to the truth of Divine guidance to receive the truthful answers.

You are awesome. Please know that. The Divine only sees how awesome you are because that is the real us.

This video is one I made to help you to let of of fearing looking at your shadow.


See how we are not our shadow.  Connect to light by looking at the dark & knowing it is not real. Surrender both fear and loving thoughts to our One Infinite Divine Creator to integrate us back together. When we unite the pieces of us, we become One again.

Meditation Surrender to Divine, the real us

Who are we?

We are light.

We are light, like the flame.

Our physical self is a personality having a human experience.

Like the stick.

Notice what casts a shadow. The personality having a human experience.

Does the light cast a shadow? No.

The real you does not cast a shadow.

So why do we fear our shadow self?

False Evidence Appearing Real!

Our shadow exposes the true us, our light of love.

See the value of looking at the shadow.

Shadow exposes what we judge.

Surrender judgments of being good or bad, conditions to being loved.

Forgive to release attachments.

Love self unconditionally. See your real self, Eternal Light.

You, the human personality is not the real you. You are much more!

Wake up to the real you, “Eternal Love”.

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By Susan Suehr

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