ArchAngel Prayer

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Get the help you need from the archangels any time. Do this invocation before you go to sleep and add whatever life challenge is in your life.

Would you like help with your life? 

There is help available to us anytime we need it. You can receive help from the Divine in the way of angels being sent to you, particularly help from the archangels. It is important to trust that you are never given a challenge in life to meet without the power, means and help to do so. Many beseech the Divine to make their life better.  That may work in some instances, but not when you are dealing with a full on challenge. Prayers can be tricky if you don’t know how to use them correctly.

So what do I do then?

You declare to the Divine to receive the help you need to meet that challenge.  This is a challenge for you to grow and expand with, so owning your power that you are prepared to meet that challenge is important. Then when you declare to the Divine to receive help, they know that you are serious and provide what you need when you need it.  They will send in the archangels to help you with your needs.

What if I am not sure or certain of the outcome of any action that I may take?

We all like to be certain of our future, yet that desire for certainty avoids responsibility and growth. It is akin to asking for a guarantee that it will work. Life experience was not meant to be that way.  What would be the purpose of learning if you knew the outcome already?

It is with our trust that we always have help when we need it that is all we can be certain about. So if you need certainty, that is what you can use to feel that.


Life experience is about learning about our mistakes, forgiving our self and changing to do better the next time.  That is the key to each life experience. When you have a positive life feeling experience, it is important to acknowledge your truth and move on.


What about addictions, they make me feel good?

Addictions do not make you feel good about you.  They only give you temporary relief from pain.  That is very different from having feelings of love, gratitude, joy, hope, happiness or peace.  Relief is a temporary feeling, not a positive life feeling experience.


With additions, it is important to get to the bottom of the pain and heal that. Some pain you can heal on your own and some needs professional help to be part of the healing process.  Regardless, having Divine help will serve you better if it becomes integral to your healing process.


So here is an archangel prayer that can help you receive Divine help with healing and life challenges.


ArchAngel prayer

I invoke the highest part of me.

I invoke the Divine light.

I invoke the 4 archangels,




& Ariel.

I declare that you be with me now

to lend your power and protection

to this work I have now.

So Be It.

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By Susan Suehr

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