Freedom Healing

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 Freedom Healing will Heal this plague

For that is what it is taking from us, so many of our freedoms. Now it is time to heal this with this freedom healing meditation.

What is this Covid scourge about?

It is about freedom for the earth and humanity as a whole.

So how do we respond to it?

We know that we are a powerful Co-Creator made in the image of our One Infinite Divine Creator. We accept ourselves fully and observe where our emotions are in our body.

Now we surrender those emotions upward through our soul along with our strengths and vulnerabilities.

We forgive us for having created this.

Now we command our spirit and invoke the help of the Angels

We command 3 times in the holy number so our spirit will deliver according to what we command.

Listen to this meditation with ear listening devices for the best experience for healing.

Embedded in this meditation is the healing frequency for help in healing Covid.  Allow this to help enhance any other modality given to you by your professional healthcare providers.  I have provided you with one of my best guided video meditations for healing and now it is time for you to heal your freedom.

Meditation Healing Frequency& Invocations for Healing Covid

Let us command our spirit to help heal us.

“I command my spirit to heal this within me now”

“I command my spirit to heal this within me now”

“I command my spirit to heal this within me now and so it is”

Call upon the Divine armies of light.

Together we flush this earth with violet light.

“I invoke the archangel Raphael to heal our world with me now”

I now enlist the help of Angel Ezrael who vanquishes evil along with Gabriel, Michael, and Moses

I claim the healing of freedom in our world.

3 times now:

“I command my spirit to heal freedom in my world”

“I command my spirit to heal freedom in my world”

“I command my spirit to heal freedom in my world”

“So be it.”

God bless you all, Susan

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Maybe some of your beliefs are getting in the way of staying in the present moment.  Susan gives energy healing sessions as well to help you clear negative beliefs and be downloaded with new positive beliefs.  Here is a link to her 1/2hr session and a link to her 1 hr session.

Consider receiving healing frequencies that match your unique needs. See the download store for more info. Use this link.  Want to find our more about AOScan frequency work, check this link.  Learn what an incredible tool you have with a Covid healing frequency embedded in this meditation above.  Heal your freedom and be free.

By Susan Suehr

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