New Hope

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Do you think it is time to have new hope for our world? 

Each day we receive messages of hate and division.  It gives way to let go of hope of a positive future.  As we all struggle to keep our self afloat, the idea that there is a better future moves further from our imagination. Any new hope escapes our awareness.  Hope is good for our health and necessary for us.

So what is going on?

The people in our world who want to control and manipulate us are the ones propagating despair and hopelessness.  While feeling hopelessness and despair,  it is hard to consider any new hope for our self or even our world.

To control us, they need us to go into enough despair so we will do anything and agree to the solutions they have designed.  They want us to give up on believing in the Divine or that we have any power to create a future.

They offer us chaos and tear down the foundations of family and community.  Their dream is a future where we all just follow their rules and stop all forms of critical thinking and creativity.

They use our emotions to get us fighting with each other and tell us only to follow our emotions.  Emotions are complex.  They come from beliefs we carry, be they positive or negative.  Notice those who seek to control us don’t offer any ways to positively resolve our emotions.  They want us to blindly respond with only our emotions.

So what do we do?

First: We first resolve our emotions before we respond to events in our world. One way is to notice where in our body the emotions resides and observe it until it passes through us.  Another way is to identify the stories in our head that go with those emotions.  Then ask if we know they are true.  They are only true if they are true for everyone.  So if you can find 1 person and example where it isn’t true, then it is not true for you.  Then choose to believe the truth.

Second: We were given the gift of a mind to think with.  When we integrate our feeling and thinking, we are operating on all cylinders and can trust our response.

Third: We connect with our Divine nature.  Our natural nature contains our creativity, our critical thinking and powerful ability to manifest a positive future.  We do that by being present as often as possible and take quiet moments to connect with Divine creation for inspiration.

Fourth: We act from being inspired by the Divine, by agreeing to be a vehicle for assisting the earth in creating a positive future filled with hope and mutual peaceful co-operation with each other.

So what does that have to do with hope?

We were meant to create a positive future and can do that by holding hope, happiness, gratitude or love in our hearts as much as we can during our day.  These emotions bring Divine creation into our world.  When enough of us hold these emotions as part of our being, there is a synergy that guarantees a future of hope.

If the majority of people in the world carried any of these emotions for only a day, the forces of hopelessness and despair would vanish from our reality.  So when any errant emotion comes into your awareness, use the above means to resolve your emotions.  Give up a sense of victimhood and claim your power.  It is your birthright to be a powerful creator.

You are made in Divine’s image.  Your job is to create by bringing Divine light, aka information into our world.  Think of the word “in formation”.  You bring the light of the Divine by creating using their light given to you through inspiration.  The hope is in the power you carry.

This meditation contains affirmations to bring new hope into you any time you desire.  When you bring in new hope you can find the peace you deserve.  You can start healing yourself.

Meditation of New Hope

Welcome to Miracle Grids Meditation to Connect with New Hope and Peace.

Listen with ear listening devices for the best experience.  Sit up straight and follow along.

Watch this place in nature while listening to this soothing music.

Take in a long deep breath.

Blow it out.

Take in another deep breath. Hold it.

Now blow that breath out.

Allow your breathing to come to a normal natural rhythm.

Start to relax yourself. Become aware of your feet, relax them.

Now move that relaxation up into your calves.

Allow your knees relax.

Feel your thighs; relax them.

Flow that relaxing feeling upward now and into your lower back and tummy.

Now move that soothing comfort into your upper back and chest.

Relax your hands and arms.

Notice your shoulders and neck; relax them.

Gently roll your head from side to side and allow your head to be filled with calm and peace.

Notice your face and relax it now.

You are now in a deep state of complete relaxation.

Quiet yourself and allow a gentle stillness to come into your awareness.

Now quiet your mind further as you allow only thoughts of your breath moving in and out.

Feel your heart with its gentle beat.

Notice it beats a loving life force all through you.

Allow yourself to open upward now and gently outward with that loving life force.

Now further out, up and out into the world and further out now out into space.

Your light of life moves further out now into the Universe.

Sense a deep connection now with all that is, Divine creation.

Ask the Divine to come and be with you now.

Just be and experience them sitting with you.

Now say these words along with me.

Every day in every way,

more and more,

the Divine imbues me

with more new hope.


Every day in every way,

more and more,

the Divine fills me

with more peace.


Every day in every way,

more and more,

the Divine lets me know

they are always with me.


Every day in every way,

more and more,

I am filled with

new hope and peace.


Every day in every way,

more and more,

I am the new hope and peace.


Every day in every way,

more and more,

I know that I am made

in Divine’s image.

Take some time and feel grateful for this new hope and peace from Divine Creation.

Sense that gratitude and allow yourself to be filled with it.

Now feel that new hope and peace.

The Divine wants you to know you can be filled anytime anywhere when ever hope or peace is threatened.

Divine creation will always heal you in times of need, just ask them and thank them.

The Divine provides all the new hope and peace you request.  They only require you to thank them in advance, as that expresses the trust you have.

Take some time and let that fill every cell of you.

Now let their love flow into you.

Gently now, become aware of the room you are in.

Now bring your awareness to the place you are sitting.

You are back now.

You are now safe and in your comfortable place.

Let  Divine presence fill you with new hope and peace every day, for you are the messenger of their light.

You were made in the image of Divine Creation.

You bring the light of their information into our world.

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By Susan Suehr

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