Beautiful Storm

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Storm Prayer

This is a beautiful time for humanity as a whole.  We are freeing ourselves from the dark bonds that have held us for thousands of years.


There have been those for so long, who have convinced humanity to give away their power to them.  Yes it is true. Yet our destiny changed in 2012.  The Divine light came into our world to give us the where with all to take our power back. It was time for the world to wake up to “who” they really are. The time of great awakening has now come. The marker is a great awakening storm.

So what is this storm?

Those who have used our power, have done it by feeding fear into our world.  They feed off our fear to control and manipulate us. The Divine has given us a marker that enough people are awake to help others wake up. That marker is a storm. Oh what a beautiful storm it is.

What do I do now?

This storm is like no other ever seen in our world and you are the ones who will make it come real. You are much better served by starting to go within and find those individual storms of greed, hate, resentment, jealousy and envy.  These are the internal storms that give our power away to being controlled by others, for they seed that fear. Ask to release any shame and embarrassment.

When you find those feelings, just notice where they reside in your body. Now observe them until they pass through you.

If they are a challenge, ask for help from the Divine to clear and heal those emotions. Now here is the key; trust that the Divine is doing this for you. Ask them to allow you to keep the lessons and the needed memories without needing those emotions.

Now forgive others and yourself for anything you deem necessary for forgiving. You forgive the “being” born in Divine’s image, not any actions they took. When you do this, your subconscious mind with consistency, provides forgiveness of you always.

Now accept the glory of the being you are to Divine creation. They celebrate every action of change you do to come home to them. You are so awesome in their eyes. Take a moment to touch your soul and allow that in.

Now how do I act?

You have now made a space for the Divine to dwell within the beautiful physical tool that you use. You are eternal and no longer need to fear. The storm is a healer. The storm frees you.

Now smile at others, even if they have different opinions than you. Bring your inner peace to them. Disagree with kindness towards the “being” of them born in divine’s image. This does not say that you countenance their negative actions.

Ask the Divine each day to remove the demons, the negative entities and the slower vibration frequencies. Let this beautiful storm remove them. Divine light brings new beauty into our world. Just look at this beautiful storm to see how the Divine light gives new life to us and our world. Let love and peace reign in your heart.

Storm prayer

Welcome to Miracles Grids Storm Prayer

The storm is here

Dedicated to the brave storm troopers

Watch the light of the Divine

Light up our dark world

This is a Divine storm

For humanity’s freedom

Let us Pray

God Bless all the children

God Bless all who protect them

God Bless humanity’s freedom from tyranny & corruption

God Bless all freedom fighters

God Bless our beautiful world

Help us make a world of peace now

By shining your perpetual light

God Bless a new way of humans uniting

God Bless this beautiful storm


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By Susan Suehr (love my wordpress site and XPro theme)

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