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What is vibrant energy?

This is the energy that is full of excitement, confidence and wonder. It comes from Divine creation.  Our daily challenges can get in the way of being able to receive that vibrant energy that flows abundantly from Divine creation.

So how does that flow get stifled?

Well, we have different life experiences as our day rolls on and if it feels badly, we have been taught by the consensus to do two things:

First we give it a negative meaning.

Second, we attach that negative meaning to creating a new negative belief or reinforcing an older one.  We do this with our negative thoughts about what may have happened similarly in the past or worrying about what may result in the future.

This response causes these newer life experiences based on the beliefs that we just made or reinforced.

So how do we turn that vibrant energy flow on?

As we go about living our life and experiencing it, there are 5 steps that allow that vibrant energy from Divine creation to flow into you.

Step 1 – As a bad feeling arises or a bad experience arises that cause a bad feeling, it is important to first feel the feeling fully.  Feeling it fully involves fully accepting yourself without judgments for having it while feeling it.

For example, maybe someone you trusted betrays you and tells lies about you.  Fully accept yourself without judging what you may have done differently or why they did that.  Avoid judging them as well.  Just feel it knowing how important all your life experiences are to Divine creation.

Step 2 – Now start to notice where that feeling is in your body and observe it there until it passes through you.  The time for this to happen depends on how many beliefs you have tied to this emotion.

In the example, maybe you feel it in your gut or your heart. If this is not a common feeling for you to experience, it may pass in a matter of 2 -10 minutes.  If you have felt betrayed much in your life experience, it may take much longer.

The repetitive feeling would heal much better if you explored the beliefs you may have associated with that feeling and chose to give them up. Maybe you have a belief that you are always betrayed or getting close to people results in betrayal.  Maybe you have one that says, once my life starts going well, I get betrayed by someone.  Or maybe you believe you trust too easily.  Chose right there to give them up and continue to observe them until they pass.

Step 3 – Give a positive meaning to the life experience. At a minimum you may choose the meaning is that now you know what you prefer.  In the example of betrayal that is a low occurrence for you, it would be that you prefer life experiences with trustworthy people.

If the betrayal is a high occurrence for you, the meaning would be gratitude for exposing a belief for you to change.

Step 4 – This step can be challenging if you have not chosen to stop believing the negative beliefs in step 3.  Here you check and stop thinking any past regret thoughts for how you may or may not have responded.  You also check and stop thinking any future worry thoughts. Discipline yourself with this. When past regret or future worry thoughts arise, come back to the present situation and notice how safe and secure you are now in the present moment.

If step 4 becomes unattainable, there are deep beliefs at play and can be cleared with further self help or help from a professional if need be.

Step 5 – Now receive the vibrant energy from Divine creation.

Use the meditation to help you more easily start receiving vibrant energy.


Welcome to Miracle Grids Meditation for Receiving Vibrant Energy

Listen with ear listening devices for the best experience.  Sit up straight and follow along.

Watch this lovely place in nature while listening to this soothing uplifting music.

Take in a nice deep, deep breath.

Now blow it out.

Take in another long deep breath. Hold it.

Blow that breath out.

Bring your breathing now to a natural rhythm.

Start to relax yourself. Feel your feet, relax them.

Gently move that relaxation up into your calves.

Feel your knees relaxing now.

Notice your thighs and relax them.

Move that relaxing feeling upward now and into your lower back and tummy.

That relaxation moves into your upper back and chest as you take in your breath there.

Relax your hands. Relax your arms.

Become aware that your shoulders and neck are relaxing now.

Roll your head from side to side and fill your head with gentle relaxation.

Notice your face relaxing now.

You are now in a deep state of complete relaxation.

Quiet yourself and allow a gentle stillness to be within you.

Now quiet your mind as you allow thoughts of your breath moving in and out.

Notice your heart and open it up.

Allow your heart to fill with life and love.

See how it fills up the rest of you with Divine love.

Feel yourself opening upward and outward with that love.

Now further out, up and out into the world and further out now out into space.

Your love moves further out now into the Universe.

Sense a deep connection now with all that is, Divine creation.

Ask the Divine to fill you now with vibrant energy.

Just be and experience it now.

Say these words of along with me.

Every day in every way,

more and more,

the Divine stirs

a passion within me.

Every day in every way,

more and more,

I sense my passion as

excited interest.

Every day in every way,

more and more,

the Divine whispers ways

of excited interest to me.

Every day in every way,

more and more,

I am inspired to breathe

excitement into my actions.

Every day in every way,

more and more,

I move from one excited interest

to another.

Every day in every way,

more and more,

I trust in Divine inspiration.

Every day in every way,

more and more,

I am filled with Divine vibrant energy.

Take some time and feel appreciation for help from Divine Creation.

Feel that appreciation in your body and observe it now.

Now feel the wholeness of you.

Receive more vibrant energy from the Divine now as they fill you completely with excited vibrant energy.

Any time you need to be energized, just ask, Divine creation will fill you.

The Divine provides all.

Take some time and let that in.

Now feel the love they have for you.

Slowly now, bring your awareness back within the room you are in.

Now bring yourself to the place you are sitting.

You are back now.

You are safely in your comfortable place.

You can receive anything at anytime by noticing the Divine presence that is with you always.

You were made in the image of Divine Creation.

You are a lovely being made of their spiritual light.

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By Susan Suehr

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  1. The Great Awakening Meditation is absolutely beautiful. Susan has the voice of a Goddess and the music she used is so celestial. This meditation helps you to release Beliefs that are not wanted or not working for you. I found it beautifully amazing , that I was carrying Beliefs that no longer work for me or some Beliefs that I didn’t even realize I had. Susan’s Theta program is just what I needed to ready myself for the life I truly want to live. Her meditations are uplifting and can guide us to a loving, more understanding and loving life. I hold Susan in the highest regard as a healer and Spiritual Being. Thank you Susan, Joni Rose

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