Blizzard Love Meditation

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Let in the blizzard love with this life event.

We see weather and other events that can scare us when we feel out of control. Some events were not meant to control. So just let in this blizzard love.


Because our soul gives us experience to help us expand.

So how do we feel safe?

Get in touch with the current moment and know how safe and secure you are in this very moment.  Allow in past memory thoughts then let them go.  Allow in future worry thoughts then let them go.

What next?

Well just like the squirrel, you can play.  Play with this blizzard love by being in the present moment.

How Can I Feel Loved?

Know that you are made in the perfect image of the Divine and are loved unconditionally.  Everyone acts based on the level of consciousness that they have in every moment.

The Divine knows this and forgives everyone instantly.  They use each moment for you to raise your level of consciousness.  When you raise your level of consciousness, you are expanding the whole of Divine Creation.

So how powerful is forgiveness?

Forgive all for acting on the level of consciousness they are at.  When you join the Divine and forgive with them, you open the door of possibility.  Possibility in any present moment carries Divine Power and is where your great power is.

What is behind that door of possibility?

Expansion that is in the highest and best for all is behind that door.  The Divine takes care of the details for everyone so you can let go of trying to control events.  You can trust that all is well and happening with Divine perfection.

Now you can feel that Divine Love and feel the safety in each new moment for the Divine will never leave you.

So why not take a chance and try a bit of blizzard love.

Welcome to Miracle grids 2017 Blizzard

See My Little Pal on the Lower Right

See the Falling Snow

Relax in this Moment

Be Here Now

You Are Safe Right Now

Feel Being Safe

You Are Loved

Let the Divine Love You

Feel Loved

You Are Made in the Perfect Image of Divine

Life Events Happen with Divine Perfection

Surrender to That

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