Power of You Can be Claimed

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Just how much power do you have?

You have so much power that you would be astounded truly know it.  Yet it is a profound truth which can be seen on the Law of One.

Every one of us has the power to change anything in our lives, we just don’t believe it.  The key is to know whom we really are. We are a part of the Divine and have an immense amount of power.

Think for a moment how we give away our power to create the life we want.  It is with fear. Fear is not real. It is false evidence appearing real.  It is the denial of our true nature which is love.

OK now allow me to explain for we all have had some hard times in our life.  We were meant to experience life, so we would be able to give that experience to the One Infinite Divine Creator.  The hard times made us stronger. It is our belief that we are not strong, powerful or loved enough that creates the pain and suffering we experience.  When we resist the feelings that go with our experiences, we deny the experience and our true self.

So what do we do?

Here is how to manage the emotions and reclaim the power that lives within you.

  1. First feel the feelings that comes with the experience. Feel them without resisting them. If there is guilt, shame, fear or anything else, just feel it completely.  As you do let go of judging them. Fully accept feeling them as well as fully accepting you.
  2. Now observe in your body where those feelings reside. Be the observer because as eternal awareness, your role is to observe life as you participate in it.  Eckhart Tolle talks about it in his books.   He suggests that it is like a cat waiting as they observe a mouse hole.  He discusses moving from participating to observing as we go about being “present”.  Let you observe until they pass.
  3. Next it is important to think critically, without the ego controlled mind that compares better than and less than.  Without comparisons, consider the strengths you developed when those feelings arise in you with those life experiences.
  4. Now consider the vulnerabilities that cause you to go weak or make mistakes in your choices. Again without comparisons, think critically about this.  This is where you have so much power.
  5. Then surrender the life experience upward to your soul, along with your strengths, vulnerabilities, and any judgments that go with them.  Judgments of being good or bad keep us tethered to the past and to experience. We are better served when we release all attachments. When we release in the Now moment rather than waiting until we leave the physical consciousness, we allow our body to heal. We no longer have to store those emotions and experiences in our body. Eckhart called it the pain body. What a wonderful name.
  6. Sixth, forgive the “being” of those who you perceived that harmed you.  They are only an aspect of you believing we are all separate.  Forgive that aspect.  You are not exonerating any actions.  You are forgiving the Divine that you acknowledge in them.  People act on their level of consciousness.
  7. Lastly forgive you for having responded the way you did. You respond on your level of consciousness. The Divine loves you unconditionally, that means without conditions.  They forgive you instantly because you are a part of them.

It is time to stop responding automatically to life experience with beliefs that no longer serve you. Take back your power and think for yourself.  In this time of the lock down, it is important to think for yourself rather than what the news telling you to think.

This video is one I made to help you reconsider how you think about what is going on, so you can own how powerful you are.

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By Susan Suehr

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