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Did you know that being in the now is important to connecting to divine guidance and inspiration?

While that is true, getting into the Now moment and staying there can be quite challenging during the business of everyday living.  How do we connect with Divine guidance and inspiration and live our lives as events swirl around us?


Being in the Now in each moment takes a bit of practice in order for it become part of your normal everyday living.  It can start with just being aware of your thoughts and feelings and observing them where they reside in your body.  It helps to take about 15 minutes of your time once a day to get started doing this.

Why Practice the now moment?

So why even try, if it takes this kind of practice?  The world is experiencing more and more chaos and being able to better cope with that chaos is why.  We have reached a breaking point using the old ways and the rapidly changing world demands that we have new skills to thrive.

Do current ways work?

The older obvious ways to manage conflict and differences don’t work anymore.  Our modern world demands, show us the old ways of finding a common ground with each other, aren’t doing that.  We see that finding energy and resources in new ways can help heal our planet or provide more nourishing food.  We need new innovative ways that come from our creative unique real self that contain these healing answers from the Divine.

New skills are required

Getting in touch with that part inside us requires new skills.  Those skills are ones that allow us to be more real with our true nature and offer paths of least resistance.  The best way to get in touch with your true nature and to follow a path of least resistance is living in the present moment of Now.  That is not to say that we stop taking actions at all. Taking actions after Now moment inspirations is what will unveil those innovations.


If you look at the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms, you can see that they are all living in the now.  It is time for us humans to take on the mantle of being both our thinking self and the self that lives in the now.

How to receive answers of guidance and inspiration

As you practice living in the present from moment to moment, you will be connected to the Divine intelligence that lives inside you.  That is where the answers for your modern problems will come from.  The ideas, nudges, and connections will spring forth in a synchronistic fashion.


Your life will unfold with an amazing elegance as life challenges are met with the least resistance.  A life of fascination and interests will have no boundaries.  Is that a future you want to live in?  So just grab onto the present moment and hop on to the most delightful ride of your life.


When you are caught standing in line or at a stop light, take these opportunities to feel your whole body inside and out.  At those work meetings, bring your full presence there.  If bored, get to understand and know what makes you bored.  Feel what you feel before speaking up or taking action.  Move from sensing presence to thinking as you move from moment to moment.


Soon you will find your life has less and less resistance and you will be connected with Divine guidance and inspiration.

The meditation:

Welcome to Miracle Grids meditation for opening to Divine guidance and inspiration.

Sit up straight and in a comfortable place.

Watch and follow along as you gaze at this small waterfall.

As you passively gaze, take a deep relaxing breath in.

Blow it out.

Take another deep relaxing breath in.

Hold it.

Blow it out.

Allow your breathing to come to a gentle pace.

Begin relaxing your feet and legs.

Move that relaxation up into your front and back.

Feel your arms and hands relaxing.

Roll your head from side to side and feel your neck relaxing now.

Feel your whole head being relaxed.

Sense a full relaxation filling your body.

You are, in a complete deep state of relaxation now.

Take a moment and open your heart now.

Move that openness upward and outward into infinity,

now connecting you to Divine creation.

Feel that connection now.

Say these words along with me.

Every day in every way, I am being better more and more.

Every day in every way, I am being lighter more and more.

Every day in every way, I am being loved more and more.

Every day in every way, I am connecting to Divine inspiration more and more.

Now be still.

Into the stillness there is much space in between.

Connect with that space.

Just be in that space.

You can come to this place anytime you need support or inspiration.

Become aware of your surroundings.

Notice the room you are in, the place you are sitting.

You are back now.

Be in your comfortable place.

You are pure light and love.

By Susan Suehr

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