Create Being a New You This New Year

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Create Being a New You This New Year

Welcome to Miracle Grids Inspirational Moments – New Year

Use the New Year to Remind Yourself of

The Power of Choosing Newness in Each Moment

Each moment offers us the opportunity to be new, if we would just connect to the Divine Intelligence within us.

Each Moment Offers Us a Choice of Who We Want to Be

You can chose in each new moment to create being a new you this new year and during the year.

Feel the Energy in Your Body

If you take a moment to be still, you can feel that Divine energy within you.

Or Feel Love Permeating Within You

Love is one way to feel that energy.

Maybe You Can Feel Gratitude Pulsating in All of You

Gratitude is another way. Before you go to sleep at night, ask for help filling yourself with gratitude.

Notice that Divine Intelligence Dwells within You

Feel an energy That is Divine intelligence.

Start to Feel It in As Many Moments as You Can

As you go about your day, start to let it in the between moments when you re caught up in doing.  Try being as you are meant to be for just a new moment.

Hold Up Your Hand and Feel the Energy within

Take a moment and see if you can feel the energy with your hand.

That Is Divine Intelligence inside You

It Waits for You to Listen in Each Moment

To Be the Real You in This Moment

As you are the more real you, Divine intelligence has urges for you to carry out.  Be still and listen for them.

Let It Inspire You to Take Divine Action

Allow the Inner Peace Be with You

When you take the moments to be new in each Now moment, you can find an end to suffering and pain.  You create an internal peace within you. As you do that, you create a new you.

Create being a new you this new year.

Create Your New World in This New Moment

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