Uncover Being Loved with Closeness

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Welcome to Miracle Grids Inspirational Moments – Closeness so You Can Uncover Being Loved with Closeness

Find That Peaceful Place Inside You

Use the Power of This Present Moment to Know You

Closeness Is About Being Kind, Tender and Respectful

These are the components of being loved.  You can uncover being loved with closeness. When you are kind, tender and respectful of yourself, you let self love in.  Then the emotions of being loved settle in your being.

Compassion For Yourself Is a Kind Way to Be Close

When You Are Close to You

You Can Be Close to Others

Compassion Takes You to Kind, Tender and Respectful Places

Take a moment and feel how human you are. Feel the compassion that life is full of challenges.  Sometimes you are prepared to meet those challenges with aplomb.  Then there are times when you are not.  That is because the challenge is stretching you to develop new skills.  Have some compassion for that.

Use Compassion to Get Close

What Kind Beliefs Can You Carry About You?

What Tender Messages Can You Give Yourself Today?

What Can You Respect About You?

Get Close to The Real You, In the Current Moment

Be Real and Lift Yourself Up

Being real is the best way to reveal your truth to others.  You can know that you are loved as you live your truth.  Being in your truth is the highest way to uncover being loved with closeness.

Let the Inner Peace Flow through You

Your World Will Find Peace with Your Closeness

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