Taking Power from Fear

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Taking power from fear that was created by all the violence in our world will set you free.

It is time to be free by taking power from fear that was generated by all the hate and violence.  Have you noticed that the world is becoming filled with violence creating much fear?  Not only are there so many people using violence to speak their voice or to trying to control others to have the world they want, but the media uses fear to sell to us their stories.   All the violence being put before our eyes day in and day out is meant to stop us from feeling our power.


How do we stop the fear when others are the ones creating it?

If we allow the fear to take hold of us and dominate our thoughts, we have given away our power to create our lives to the fear makers and mongers.  So we first acknowledging that we feel the fear.  Then we allow it to be felt in our body, wherever it resides.  Then we become the observer of our fear in our body.  Now we observe that fear until it passes through us.


Most of us find it challenging to stop the thoughts of fear when we are blasted with it day in and day out.  Think for a minute about the time that the fear thoughts arise.  Unless you are in immediate danger of harm, all fear thoughts are thoughts about the future.  They have not happened yet.


Just like past thoughts, future thoughts do not exist now.  Putting yourself in a state of being with a future thought increases the probability of having that future manifest in your life.  Fear is a powerful emotion, which is why the media use it to sell their stories.  So when you allow future fear thoughts to dominate your mind, the emotional impact of the fear increases its likelihood of manifesting.  We will create what we most desire to what we most fear, whichever one dominates our thoughts.


So how do you stop the fear talk going on in your mind?

You do it by focusing on present moments.  You can do that easily by giving your mind a little self talk about what is going on in the present time.  Right now in this moment are you safe?  Are you secure?  Tell yourself the truth about your present situation.  Now feel what the truth feels like in this moment.


Your mind may wander back to the future thoughts and feelings.  Just make them conscious.  Tell yourself that you are not going to believe that you are in immediate danger. Then get your mind back to the present moment.  Be persistent about this.  The conditioned mind doesn’t want to give up controlling your mind.  They use all the tricks in the book to get you to go back to a sleepy consciousness state. As long as you keep your thoughts and feelings conscious, you are the one in control of your thoughts.


Remember the truth of the present moment is that the more real you exists in the current moment.  You may have to tell your conditioned mind that you are taking charge now.  With persistent practice, the fear thoughts will abate.  It also helps to stay away from too much of the news fear stories as well.  The news cycles focus on what will get them ratings rather than on what is dominant in world events.


Here is another beautiful truth about the lack of power within dark and violent energy.


Positive energy is much more powerful than negative energy.  Here is a simple demonstration to show you that.  If you take a room filled with dark, and light a small candle, the whole room takes on the light. That is how powerful light is.  If you take a room filled with light, you need to turn off the light for it to become dark.  You cannot add dark and darken the whole room.  It only shows up as a small dot of dark.


People who spread darkness can only be powerful if you give up your light and shut it off by believing their dark is more powerful.  That is the only way for them to have their darkness be powerful.  Darkness has no power in itself.  It needs your light to be shut off to overpower your light.


If we keep owning our power we will not need others violence to remind us to keep it. That is how you can change your world by not needing violence.  Violence is only a force and has no power.  The only way violence has power is if you give it your power.


An example story of how violence needs your power to be powerful.


I’d like to share a story to illustrate this truth. A number of years ago my brother was attacked by someone who emptied his gun at point blank range into my brothers face and neck. The man left my brother for dead.  It was so bad that the doctors were amazed he made it to the hospital alive and never expected him to live.  Here is how my brother kept his power in this situation.  As the man was shooting bullets into him, my brother prayed that he would be able to stay alive long enough to forgive the man.  In that moment he could not forgive, but because he stayed with the light of forgiveness in the future, he was given more time to live.  He was able to go to church 2 weeks after being shot, to ask others for help in allowing him to forgive the man. He is alive 9 years after the incident. He was able to recover his speech abilities within a few weeks after the incident.  That is how powerful light is. He kept his power by staying with the light of forgiveness.

Stay in your light by taking power from fear. 

Watch the lovely meditation and affirmations and listen with earphones for the best experience.  The theta music can take you to a deep theta state in minutes.

Taking power from fear meditation

Welcome to Miracle Grids meditation for taking power from fear.

Listen with ear listening devices for the best experience.  Sit up straight and follow along.

Bring yourself to a peaceful place by watching this lovely video in nature.

Take in a nice deep breath.

Blow it out.

Take in another deep breath.

Blow that breath out.

Begin relaxing yourself by starting with your feet.

Gently move that relaxing sensation up your calves, your knees and your thighs.

Move it further up you lower back and tummy.

Now find that relaxation moving into your upper back and chest.

Feel your hands and arms relaxing now.

Focus on your shoulders and neck. Relax them.

Roll your head from side to side and move that relaxing feeling into your head.

Notice your eyes and mouth relaxing now.

You are now in a deep state of complete relaxation.

Start to find a stillness within you.

As you do, also find a quietness as well.

Open your heart now.

Move that openness upward and outward, out into space and now out into the Universe.

Feel a connection with all that is, Divine creation.

Know that you are a spark of light within Divine creation.

Now say these words along with me.

All days in all ways,

I am believing the truth,

of my light more and more.

All days in all ways,

I am letting in,

that I am light more and more.

All days, in all ways,

I am believing,

That light is more powerful

than dark, more and more.

All days, in all ways,

I am believing,

The power of my light, more and more.

All days, in all ways,

I am knowing,

The power of my light, more and more.


All days, in all ways,

I am powerful, more and more.

All days, in all ways,

I no longer require reminders,

of my power of light, more and more.

Take some time and let in all of this healing and changing within.

Feel all the cells of your body embracing all that you just told yourself.

Feel it in your body now and observe it.

Just be

Slowly bring your awareness back to the room you are in

Now to the place you are sitting

You are back now

You are safely in your comfortable place

You are a lovely being of light and love

You are loved unconditionally by Divine Creation

By Susan Suehr

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