How to Respond to Evil News

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How you can respond to evil news and keep a positive mindset

Here are some ways to respond to evil in our world.  Are you tired of the chaos of fake news, domestic and foreign threats, privacy breeches, threats to freedom, political corruption and serious evil going on?  Do you know how to respond to all this chaos going on in our world now?

The old ways just don’t work anymore.

Believing public opinion to politicians matter does not work; they don’t care or listen.  Wanting the evil actors to be brought to justice does no good; they get away using their money and corrupt connections.  Going to war seems to make new wars or worse wars; war never ends.  Ignoring bully nations doesn’t work; they just keep taking more and hurting more.

So how do we respond in a way that feels powerful and impactful?

First we need to look at what are the thoughts and intentions that are attached with those old ways that don’t work anymore.  It is also important to consider if those thoughts and intentions are self empowered.  Think about these.

Political Freedom

Believing politicians have our back and care about us offers no power to get them to support us.  Neither does wanting one to be our savior because wanting a savior is saying you are not powerful enough to create your own safety and freedom.

Freedom from criminals, AI & other’s views

Wanting justice, revenge and punishment has little power to encourage evil actors to be responsible or cause them to stop committing crimes.  Only if some epiphany descends upon them during incarceration are we fortunate enough for them to stop. Our system of incarceration is not designed for healing and many become codependent of being imprisoned and take on more slow victim or bully vibrations.

Wanting artificial intelligence (AI) – your devices, to be more valuable than human relationships and have AI make your choices and decisions are being irresponsible for your life.  There is no power in that and runs a future risk of AI creating themselves to eventually killing off inferior humans.

Fearing that the speech of those you disagree with will hurt you is all about giving away your power to someone else’s opinions and views.  You can only be hurt (not physical) by allowing it to change your own sense of self. Only if you hold a belief that puts you in a place of devaluation or elevation because of their beliefs is what causes damage to your trust or esteem.  It is your own belief that hurts you, not what is said.

Freedom of peace

Wars intended to bring about balance in the world; more recently have failed because we are not fighting armies, but individuals with insane ideologies. The “war” is everywhere now.  We are left to relying on the competence and morals of our local authorities.  Where is our own power there?

Freedom from bullies

Standing up to bully nations requires a complex strategy of different strengths. Heck, sometimes their bullying is spread like a spider web or we don’t even know who the real perpetrators are.  So how do you support your nation taking a stand of strength with so much uncertainty?  This does not feel very powerful in my book.

We need to change our thoughts and feelings to change our world

If we want to respond powerfully in our world, it needs to start with us.  It is about having thoughts about what living in a different New World would be like.  What would be our expectations and our basic desires when we hear about evil actions of others? There is a way to tap into the faster vibration frequency that minimizes the impact of evil in our world and it begins with our own:

Powerful thoughts and intentions

We are better served by stepping back and change our thoughts and intentions to bigger picture ones that come from our own sense of power.  What I am talking about here is what we all can personally do with our thoughts and intentions, not what our local or national governments need to do.  They still need to establish laws, set boundaries, and provide community protection.  This is about how our consciousness supports goodness in us, our neighbors, our governments and communities.  By changing our thought and intention response, we can attract faster vibration frequencies into our world.

Empowered political freedom

A bigger picture thought and intention could be about being responsible for our own personal economy.  Are you making choices and decisions based on sound economics?  Valuing you and the Divine gifts given to you is a way to tap into the power of Divine frequency.  The Divine provides all needs in the right timing for those who are responsible and own the power within them.  Are your thoughts and beliefs about valuing your time and input of information you let into your mind?  Do you only pass on news that is verified, doesn’t judges others in the court of public opinion, or not tainted with corruption?  Take back your own power of what you feed your mind and what you pass onto others.  Think about the plausibility of the news you hear as part of your discernment.  Be open to it providing new unconditional loving belief information as you read or listen rather than allow it to confirm what you may already believe.

Empowered freedom from criminals, AI and other’s views

A bigger picture thought and intention may be to have others wake up to be more conscious, to feel unconditionally loved, feel abundant enough so they don’t desire to take from others and value a cooperative and peaceful society.  This could be a society where people have common values and are committed to have the character of acting on those values. This could be a society where each individual uniquely assesses their choices in the highest and best for all with harm to none.  This could be a society that people learn from their mistakes and change themselves to express the good, true and beautiful.  This could be any ideal society that you could dream about and send as positive energy.

Still another bigger picture thought and intention could be that AI is used to offer an array of choices that best suit consumer’s unique desires.  Dream that most people would value human to human connections to be much more fulfilling than AI entertainment.  Maybe people are able to communicate with each other telepathically because comparative judgments of others have been healed and everyone identifies with their higher mind of eternal awareness.

Another bigger picture thought and intention could be that unique views are like musical notes.  When people make choices, they consider the different musical notes from others.  The combinations of those notes make a beautiful Divine chord to be played.  People could play those chords and sit in their resonance before making new choices.

Empowered peace

Here are some suggestions on bigger picture thoughts and intentions around peace.  We see the differences in others as their unique expression of Divine light.  All are beautiful in the eyes of the Divine.  So get used to being beautiful.  Negotiations and agreements are based on evaluation of the highest and best for all with harm to none.  We desire fairness as valuing the desires of all and trusting the synchronicity of Divine perfection in delivering all desires with the right timing.  Internal peace is welcomed by acceptance of what is and expanding with each life experience.  Divine creation of nature reflects people respecting its gifts and being a steward of the earth and nature.

Powerful response to bullies

Hold a bigger perspective of desiring that all wake up enough to be responsible for the impact their actions have on others.  Letting go of being a victim after healing any hurt is a bigger picture sense of “being” after someone hurts you.  The difference in perspective is acceptance of hurt and trusting in healing rather than taking on any victim beliefs.  You can desire feeling powerful enough to take a stand with a bully that counts and is in the highest and best for all with harm to none.  You can desire to know how you let hurt in and are able to quickly stop any beliefs that let it in.

Can you take a chance to see the world as friendly and each moment as a gift?

Those who consistently feel overwhelmed and victimized have a perspective that the world is their enemy and out to get them.  It is hard not to go there when we are bombarded with all the evil in our world.  Yet, it carries thoughts and intentions of wanting to be saved and given happy experiences as our response to evil.  Unfortunately, when we signed up to express the Divine spark in us by experiencing the physical, we got caught up in the karmic wheel of cause and effect.  You receive what you put out.  Our disempowering thoughts and intentions that we put out with our mind chatter come back to us in our unhappy life experiences.

The world is moving from one where the time to manifest our thoughts are much quicker.  Have you noticed that the world is changing already?  The intensity of dark and light is right in our face each day.  Our soul made the choice to be physical at this time so as to take back our power and start expressing our true nature, a spark of powerful Divine light.  That is why there are almost 8 billion people alive today.  There are so many souls wanting to be part of creating a golden future of a New World where souls are awake and owning their power.  Change your thoughts and intentions to powerful ones and quicken your vibration frequency.  Use your responsibility and power thoughts and intentions to respond to evil.

Now take what you can imagine a take another step beyond

As you change your thoughts and intentions, your consciousness holds a faster vibration.  Imagine a world where we are able to hold a fast enough vibration with our consciousness that we can harness the plasma light in our earth.  We can receive the frequencies needed to resonate that plasma along the ley lines and aquifers to produce matter: clean water, clean air, abundant energy for warmth or cooling, seeds for food that are able to grow in extreme conditions, and create formations out of air, water, earth and fire.

Imagine a new world of wondrous creations just by imagining them and receiving Divine resonance to manifest them.  Our natural governing physics changes from Newtonian based to quantum photon based.  Imagine living in communities where there are experts of differing resonant frequencies that are operating in a community of cooperation and harmonious balance with each other and our earth.  We no longer need money because we can manifest all our needs when we need them.  Our daily work becomes about what Divine calling calls us to action.  We are so engrossed in the Now moments that time becomes irrelevant.   As we explore more of our inner world, we reach out to the stars to explore more of our outer world.  Just imagine a world where we may no longer need to respond to evil.


Welcome to Miracle Grids Meditation for Responding to Evil News

Listen with ear listening devices for the best experience.  Sit up straight and follow along.

Watch this lovely place in nature while listening to this uplifting music.

Take in a nice deep breath.

Hold it.

Blow it out now.

Take in another deep, deep breath.

Blow that breath out.

Allow your breathing to come to a natural rhythm.

Begin to relax yourself. Start noticing your feet, relax them.

Now move that relaxation up into your calves.

Feel your knees relaxing now.

Pay attention to your thighs; relax them.

Move that relaxing feeling upward now and into your lower back and tummy.

That relaxation next moves into your upper back and chest as you take in another deep breath there and let it out.

Relax your hands and arms.

Become aware of your shoulders and neck; relax them.

Gently roll your head from side to side and fill your head with a serene relaxing feeling.

Notice your cheeks and mouth relaxing now.

You are now in a deep state of complete relaxation.

Notice your heart with its gentle beat; open it now.

Allow your heart to fill with life and love.

Feel it filling.

See how it fills up the rest of you with Divine love.

Feel yourself opening upward and outward with that love.

Now further up and out into the world and further now out into space.

Your love moves further now out into the Universe.

Sense a deep connection now with all that is, Divine creation.

Quiet yourself now and observe your breath moving in and out.

Now quiet your mind as you keep observing your breath moving in and out.  If your thoughts wander, just gently bring them back to observing your breath.

Take some time now as this quietness allows the spirit of Divine Consciousness to fill you as you keep noticing your breath in and out.

Say these wondering words of affirmations along with me.

Every day in every way, more and more, I desire for all to wake up.

Every day in every way, more and more, I am responsible.

Every day in every way, more and more, I am respectful of others.

Every day in every way, more and more, I let go of comparing myself to others.

Every day in every way, more and more, I stop judging the “being” of self and others.

Every day in every way, more and more, I trust in Divine perfection.

Every day in every way, more and more, I am creating a world of cooperation and peace.

Take some time and feel thankful.

Feel that thankfulness in your body and observe it now.

Now feel the wholeness of you.

As you vibrate as your truer self, the Divine provides all your needs.

Take a few moments and let that in.

Now feel the love the Divine has for you.

Slowly now, bring your awareness back within the room you are in.

Now bring yourself back to the place you are sitting.

You are back now.

You are safely in your comfortable place.

You can receive any answers by going into the quiet and allowing awareness of Divine presence that is inside you.

You were made in the image of Divine Creation.

You are a lovely being made of their spiritual light.

Do you want to relax and have confidence?  The Miracle Grids Shop also sells video meditations that guide you on journeys of peace, renewal, happiness and healing.  Check them out here.

By Susan Suehr

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