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Have you ever thought about why you are here living this life? You are here to express your unique view of life experiences and gift them to the Divine. The Divine offers gratitude and love for you doing that. Receive these gifts of gratitude and love from the Divine.

I was practicing the settings on my camera for some full moon shots when the Divine gifted me with this beautiful light show.  Yes, and they gave me a full moon as well.  This is what the Divine does; they gift me with these wonderful video opportunities to gift to you.  So receive these gifts the Divine sent.

As I relax and listen to their voice, I am given the messages that they want me to give you with these video meditations. Here are the messages the Divine gave me with these videos.

They tell me that it is time to open up to them and receive their love.  They offer you love that has no conditions tied to receiving it.  There is nothing you can do to lose it or receive it.  It is always available for you to receive.

It may take a bit of practice to receive these gifts from Divine creation.  Even though the love is always there, your heart needs to be open to let it in.

If there are people you refuse to forgive, you may not be able to feel and know the love.  Forgiving another does not exonerate them from being responsible for what they did.  Just like the Divine forgives you for everything instantly, the Divine forgives them as well.  Because you are made in their image, they expect you to forgive too.  The Divine takes care of them being responsible.

If you are caught in constant feelings of fear, doubt and mistrust, your heart is closed from feeling this love.  The love is still there within your reach.  They ask you to give them the fear, doubt and mistrust and all your dark thoughts.  They ask you to fill your thoughts with gratitude, love and happiness instead.

Here is an affirmation to help you go about your day if negative thoughts arise. Affirm this to you rather than dwell on those negative thoughts. “I am thankful and grateful receiving love just being me.”

Within a few days you will be feeling that love and will actively receive these gifts from Divine creation.  They will speak to you in the unique ways they do and may even send an angel to help you.  When you get very quiet inside, you’ll be able to hear them.

They will inspire you to take actions in the highest and best for all. Then there will be more gifts offered as synchronicities appear in your life that connects you with your highest desires.

Make yourself fit by treating yourself as one who is a light being that inhabits a physical body.  Observe your life experience in each moment by noticing your safety and security rather than becoming run by it with fear and worry. This will enhance your connection with Divine Creation.  Then you can more easily receive these gifts of love and gratitude.

So now take a moment and receive these gifts from Divine Creation.  They gifted me with a beautiful full moon and light show, so you can know that you are part of their light that they created. Relax, watch this lovely Video meditation and receive.

Welcome to Miracle Grids Receive these gifts meditation.

Take in a nice deep breath and let it out.

Relax, starting with your feet.

Now move that relaxation all the way up to your head.

Feel yourself fully in your body. Then expand yourself beyond your body as far as you can.

As you watch the Divine’s light show, receive their love.

Let that love in.

You are so loved.

These lights are a reflection that you are made from their light.

You are that valuable to them.

Feel that in every cell of your being.


Meditation, Video & Production                 Susan Suehr

Music        Christopher Lloyd Clarke Enlightened Audio

Susan Suehr copyright 2018 all rights reserved.

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By Susan Suehr  Copyright 2018 all rights reserved.

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