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Miracle Grids Inspirational Sayings Ease

Find a Restful Place Inside You and Connect with These Inspirational Sayings Ease

Having Ease In Your Life Is About Knowing It Is Time To Release Your Complications

We introduce complications in our life when we provide too many conditions be met for our desires to come to us.  We set up rules that have to be followed in relationships.  Relationships are reflections for us to safely grow and expand.  Our desires are meant to come to us without conditions and harm to none.

Take a Moment to Know You Deserve Ease in Your Life

The Highest Part Inside You Wants You to Expand With Ease

Life Can Be Rich with Complexity Rather Than Complication

A Complex Life Is One Filled With Fun, Adventure and Clarity

Let Your Desires Come Forward In Your Mind In This Moment

Transmute Complication to Complexity with Imagining Clear Fun Adventurous Desires

When you experience something in life you don’t like, get clear with what you don’t like about it.  Take time to think about that.  Now imagine with clarity what you do want and like.    Think about what would be fun and adventurous for you.

Your Clear Desires Are Beautiful to the Divine

The Divine wants you to have all you desire with harm to none.  They want nothing other than to give it to you. There is so much goodness and truth of you in those desires.  That is what makes them beautiful.

Allow the Clarity of Your Desires Being Beautiful

Now Imagine How It Feels Having Those Desires

When we engage those emotions that have the clarity of our desires, our subconscious goes to work to make them happen for us.

Let Go of Any Conditions That Say No to Your Desires

This gives a clear message to your subconscious that are the new consistent thoughts you are going to carry about you know. Think about having your desires often and act as if they are already there.  Let’s say you want something you don’t have the money for.  Close your eyes and imagine having it and using it.  Feel the joy and gratitude of having it. Your subconscious uses this to deliver it to you.

Now Feel Gratitude for Those desires Coming to You

Trust That the Joy of Imagining Your Desires Is Enough For Them to Manifest

The Divine Is Working on Your Desires with You

Now you can just forget exactly how these desires come to you, because the Divine will deliver them to you with more ease than you could.

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