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Listen to these Miracle Grids Inspirational Sayings Considerate.  Be Considerate and Love You

Find That Quiet Place Inside You and Listen to these inspirational sayings considerate.
Consider Just You Now. This Is Your Time
Being Considerate Is About Being Kind and Tender with Yourself
Think of a Kind Message for You
What Kind Message Would the Divine Who Loves You Unconditionally Say to You Now?
Be Quiet. Listen!
Now What Tender Message Does the Divine Have for You?
Be Still. Let It In!

Letting in kind and tender messages to you is the most considerate thing you can do for yourself every day. When you do this, you are letting in more truth about you and allowing you to grow in a most expanding way.

Because You Were Made In the Image of the Divine
You Are a Beautiful Being of Light

We are all a piece of a great Divine plan that is so unique and important that we were made in their image. We all are masters of bringing light to darkness. We do that by living our truth.
The Truth of Your True Nature Is Based on Love

You are always enough. You are completely worthy. You are never alone. You are always supported. You are an eternal being of light. The Divine always has your back.
What Do You Love to Do?
For That Is Your Truth

Doing what we are most passionate about from moment to moment is being in your truth. When you do it as best as you can, and let go of being attached to the precise outcome, you are now living your truth.
Finding and living your truth is the unique way the Divine planned for you to live. Follow the path of your truth and you will find much happiness and joy.

Your Truth Is the Truth of the Divine

Be in peace  as you consider  these inspirational sayings considerate

Make a commitment today to only give you loving, kind and tender messages.

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By Susan Suehr

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