Find Divine Inspiration with Stillness

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Find Divine Inspiration with Stillness

Welcome to Miracle Grids Inspirational Moments – Stillness

Be Quiet and Find the Center of Your Being

Stillness Brings the Calm, Peace and Sweetness of Life

Reaching stillness is about hushing all the voices within.  Let the guilt, doubt and self judgment voices fade.  Let go of those worry and fear voices.  Those voices belong to the past or the future. They do not belong to the present moment.  Let go of the emotional connections to the past.  The future has not happened, so it isn’t helpful to dwell on what has not happened.

Connect to the Real You in the Hush of This Moment

The More You Are Still, the More You Find Peace

Find Those Still Times as You Live Your Life, Between the Moments

Practice, Until It Becomes the Essence of Each Moment

Now Consider How Safe You Are in This Moment

Feel the Life Energy in Your Body

Let Go of Your Thoughts as You Focus Deep Inside

Disconnect from identifying with your thoughts and identify with your presence.   Feeling your body is one way to be with your presence.  Now open to connecting with the Divine.

Let Your Mind Be Motionless

Just Be in This Moment

The Divine Inspires You During These Times

Just allow and find Divine inspiration with stillness

Open Your Door to Inspiration

Go to that still place within and the Divine will meet you there.

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By Susan Suehr

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by Susan Suehr
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