Weed Your Thought Garden

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With spring in the air, it is time to weed your thought garden.

So how do you go about weeding your thought garden?

It starts by finding the leadership of you within you.  That leadership within is the highest and best part of you. Everyone has that living inside them and no one was left out.  Connecting to your highest self is what you need in order to weed your thought garden.

Here is another way to look at how there is a highest and best part of you, existing within you.  You are made in the image of the Divine. The Divine is all good.  So if you are made in their image, you are also good.  Also what is spiritually true for one person is true for all of us.  So if there is one person you know who has spiritual goodness within them, then that can be true for you as well.

So what does this have to do with weeding my thought garden?

In order to remove the weeds of your thought garden you need to know about the highest self within you first.  This is the light that tells you if your thoughts are truth or weeds.  When you come from the knowledge that your nature is good you are connected to the Divine truth within you.  Original sin was eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  It was taking on the belief of having and evil nature that caused us to fall out of a life of paradise.

So how do I weed my thoughts when my life is so busy and all I can think about is what do I need to do next?

It starts with your feelings.  Whenever you have uncomfortable feelings, there is a thought that needs weeding.  Most of your uncomfortable feelings are connected to thoughts of believing you are not enough, don’t deserve or that you are better than or less than another.  All these carry thoughts that deny your innate goodness.

I usually am uncomfortable with fear or worry and believe that I am good, so how does that work?

Ok let me break it down a bit.  While you may consciously believe that you are a good person, if you have thoughts of fears or worries, your subconscious mind does not believe in your innate goodness.  Someone who believes in their innate goodness knows that they are powerful.  In knowing their power, they know the Divine provides all with the right timing.  They also know that they are eternal infinite awareness and are eternal beings and need not fear anything.  They have complete trust in these spiritual truths.

So how do I convince my subconscious mind of these truths?

Let’s take the example of a fears or worries. What thoughts run through your mind with the fear or the worry?  Usually most have thoughts that something bad is going to happen to them in the future caused by a past action or experience. Usually these thoughts keep running through their mind and they have trouble shutting them off. These 4 steps would stop that.  If it is a strong belief they may need to spend more time on step 4.

  1. If they would take a moment and ask what someone would have to believe is true about them for that to happen, that would reveal the belief.
  2. Then they would ask do they 100% know that it true? Also it is only true if it is true for everyone. If you can find 1 person who it is not true for then it is not true for you.
  3. Next they would tell them that the belief is a lie from their ego comparative mind and ask for Divine help to weed that out of their subconscious.
  4. Lastly they would look at the truth that the Divine always helps if they take responsibility and accept how powerful they are. They would ask for help while knowing and trusting that they will be helped and their needs will be given to them when they need it.

I think I could do that, but what about being hurt by someone or losing someone?

Usually hurt or loss has an underlying feeling of fear or worry.  Almost every uncomfortable feeling has underneath fear or worry.  One could argue that worry has fear underneath it.  There may be a fear that if you don’t find justice for someone who has hurt you, they will hurt you again.  If you have lost someone dear, you may have a fear that you may never be able to create or have that kind of love again.

Here is a meditation to help you plant beautiful truthful thoughts in your garden and anchor them.

Welcome to Miracle Grids Inspirational Sayings.

Be inspired with leadership.

Leadership is about knowing your true nature and letting that take you where it can lead you to being your best.

Take a moment and relax your body from the top of your head moving down to your chest area, further down to your tummy and buttocks, down into your legs, and moving down all the way to the tips of your toes.

Let your body be completely relaxed now.

Find that quiet space that sits in the center of your being.

Go ahead, take your time.

Now open to receive the light to know your true nature.

Your true nature knows the highest and best for all.

Ask that part of you to come to you now.

Let them permeate your being.

Fill all the cells of your body with your true nature.

You are a beautiful being of light.

Your true nature lets you know how beautiful you are.

Your true nature is based on love.

Let in the love to know how beautiful your unique nature is.

Love yourself by respecting who you are.

Respect the beautiful unique light being that you are.

Respect how important your life is to Divine Creation.

Your true nature speaks only kind, tender, and compassionate words to you.

All mistakes you make in life are meant to learn more about your true nature and be who you were born to be.  That is all.

Let go of any berating thoughts that say otherwise. Let them go.

Forgive yourself for any mistakes in life.

Ask for healing light to come in now.

Receive that healing light.

Now ask for help from your Highest Self to know where to lead you to your highest good today.

What is your highest good for you today?

Be quiet. Listen!

What comes into your awareness?  Be open to receive any way it comes.

Be still.  Let it in!

What small action can you take that leads you to be the highest and best today to live your truth?

Let your true self lead you on your path of truth.

Be the beautiful being you were born to be.

Take the time and weed your thought garden than plant new beautiful spiritual truths thoughts within you. 

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By Susan Suehr  Copyright 2018 all rights reserved.

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