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Would you like to know how to touch oneness and be at one with others you just don’t identify with?

Touch oneness with your light in accord with your heart and that of others.  Even if there is so much that you can’t agree upon, there is some heartfelt agreement that you can touch in them.

How is that possible? See some ways:

Maybe they have a compassion for others and you just disagree with the means of achieving just and true means. You feel that compassion as well.

Others want peace in the world and you see much more to be done in an effort to achieve that. Yet your ultimate desire is for all to be at peace.

Some people are not ready to let go of authority.  They don’t have the self confidence and trust to be able to keep boundaries without minimum authority.  You know what it means to have victories trusting a balance of self authority with authority delegated to others.

Many want a just world. You may disagree with the means to having that kind of world.  While some focus on what was, others focus on what may be.  Yet having a just world is the end goal.

Following rules that serve is demanded by some.  You may see too many rules. If we look at how rules serve in the highest and best for all, we can find ways to have effective rules.

So what good does this all do us?

Visioning is creating and innovating by touching others at a soul level. Finding an accord with another’s heart and touching them with oneness connects our souls.

The world needs new visions in order for humanity to find ways to get along as we both respect individual and collective needs.  Be a visionary.

Touch oneness with you and others. Start to vision. See this meditation to help.



Welcome to Miracle Grids Meditation Touch Oneness

Watch this lovely place in nature while listening to this calming uplifting music.

Take in a nice deep breath.

Hold it.

Blow it out now.

Take in another deep, deep breath.

Blow that breath out.

Allow your breathing to come to a natural rhythm.

Begin to relax yourself. Start noticing your feet and legs.


Feel your lower body and relax it now.

Pay attention to your upper body; relax.

Move that relaxing feeling upward now and into your head.

You are now in a deep state of complete relaxation.

Notice your heart with its gentle beat; open it now.

Allow your heart to fill with life and love.

Feel it filling.

See how it fills up the rest of you with Divine love.

Quiet yourself now and observe your breath moving in and out.

Now quiet your mind as you keep observing your breath moving in and out.  If your thoughts wander, just gently bring them back to observing your breath.

Observe your lower body. As you do allow in how safe and secure you are in this moment.

Notice your upper body. Let in the oneness, an accord with your heart to others hearts.

Become aware and observe your head. Let your soul touch you with oneness of them and our Divine Creator.

Be with that oneness now.

Gently now, become aware of the room you are in.

Now bring your awareness to the place you are sitting.

You are back now.

You are now safe and in your comfortable place.

You are awesome in the eyes of our Creator.

Be the light you were born to be. Be a visionary with extraordinary power.

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By Susan Suehr

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