Find Hope with Light

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Watch this lovely video meditation showing the light of the beauty of nature.  Use this to find hope with light.  Listen to the music with your best ear listening devices to receive the benefits of the theta wave music and binaural beats.

Follow the guided messages to allow yourself to let more light into your life more every day.  Let your next new moment have more light.

Beauty reminds you that Divine Creation is always present and you can know that your world is safe in this NOW moment.

Even in the darkest of times, when there is so much darkness, one spark of light exposes so much. That is how powerful your light is.  Find Hope with light.

Try this yourself. Go to a pitch dark place and light a small match, candle or flashlight.  Look how powerful that small light is.  Divine Creation wants you to know just how powerful your light is.  It is more powerful than all that darkness.  Know this as a higher truth.

See how the beauty of Divine Creation and its light shines ever so brightly in your world unless the dark clouds of falsehoods block your view.  It is still there, even if you do not see.  Trust that it will show up even before those clouds pass.  You are the one who chooses truth.  So banish those clouds of falsehood.

Divine Creation uses their presence with beauty to show you that their light is always available for you, even if you do not see it.  Trust that they will never leave you.  Find some hope with knowing their light is always there.

Divine Creation can anchor your trust by showing you their beauty again and again, if you only let the clouds of falsehoods go.

Believing that the darkness you see is only present and more powerful is a falsehood.  The light is more powerful than the dark because it is always present and gets exposed when you throw off those clouds of falsehoods.

Use the clouds of darkness to understand with the truth that everyone acts on their level of consciousness.  Bring your light forward by forgiving the darkness, so you can be free of it.  Only clouds of falsehoods block the view of the full truth that shows you just how powerful your light is.

Believing you are not powerful is a falsehood.  Choose NOW to own the truth of how powerful you are.

Truth is a never ending revelation of Divine Creation.  It is always changing with expansion of new understandings.  Allow the dark to exist because you are made of the light of Divine Creation.  Let the beauty of Divine Creation in nature show you the truth of the power of your light.  Your light is what transforms the darkness.

Surrender to allowing in both dark and light.  Use the stillness of the moment to help you touch the deep truth of Divine Creation living inside you.

Then observe the emotions that rise within you.  As you observe where your emotions are within your body, you connect to the light that you are.  Now just observe and allow the emotions to pass through you.

As these emotions pass, you heal.  With this powerful healing you can find hope with light.

Welcome to Miracle Grids Meditation to Find Hope with Light.

Use ear listening devices and watch this beautiful place in nature.

Let’s get started.

Take in a gentle deep breath.

Blow it out.

Draw in another deep breath.

Let that breath out.

Start relaxing your feet.

Allow that relaxation to go upward into your calves and knees.

Now move it up your thighs and into your lower back and tummy.

Let that relaxation into your mid back and chest.

Now relax your shoulders.

That relaxation gently moves into your arms and hands.

Roll your neck from side to side and allow it to relax.

Feel your whole head and face relaxed now.

You are now in a deep state of complete relaxation.

Notice your heart and its gentle beat.

Feel that beat feeding a lovely life force into all the cells of your body.

Open up your heart area.

Now open it upward and outward.

Further now out into the Universe.

Feel a connection with you and Divine Creation.

A beautiful blue healing light comes down now from the sky and touches the top of your head.

It moves downward into your hear.t

It continues downward into your core and down into the center of the earth grounding you and connecting you with your Highest Self.

Your Highest Self tells you a deep truth.

You are made in the image of Divine Creation.

You are made of the powerful light of Divine Creation.

Now say these words with as much emotion as possible.

More and more every day.

I am owning the light that I am.

More and more every day.

I am owning the power of that light.

More and more every day.

I am knowing how powerful I am.

More and more every day.

I am knowing my light can resolve darkness.

More and more every day.

I am becoming the observer of my emotions.

More and more every day.

I am forgiving what needs to be forgiven.

More and more every day.

I am healing the darkness.

More and more every day.

I am seeing my world as friendly.

Take this moment and let in all of this healing.

Feel all the cells of your body embracing all that you just told yourself.

Feel your body now and observe it.

Just be.

Become aware of your breath.

Now the feeling of your body against the place you are sitting.

Bring your awareness into the room you are in.

You are back now.

You are safe and in your comfortable place.

You are loved unconditionally by Divine Creation.

You are a piece of the light of Divine Creation.

By Susan Suehr

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